Need your expert advice please!


Aug 17, 2011
Hi everyone! I am a long time reader and first time poster. I recently inherited my grandmother's engagement ring. The setting is very worn and I plan to have it reset. The diamond is small but quite beautiful and it has great sentimental value to me. It's .40ct, VS, G-H. 

I plan to wear the new ring as a RHR.  I want a setting that does not look like either an engagement ring or a wedding band. I am almost decided on a Simon G setting.  I will try to post a link here.

I plan to get a two tone ring, white gold with the scroll work on the band done in yellow and the round diamonds on sides of the band done with yellow diamonds surrounded in yellow gold. But I have some questions and could really use some expert advice.

This setting is made for a 6.5mm stone and mine is 4.8mm. I contacted an online jeweler to get some info and a price estimate. He told me that he spoke to the staff at Simon G and they told him they could set my stone by creating an illusion setting, a small circle of shiny gold that would hold the stone and have prongs on the edges that would fit in the setting. That sounded good to me because I would feel more comfortable having the stone set by Simon G because I feel that they would do it right. I'd like to know how you think that would look.

Then I emailed Simon G with another question and they had my local Simon G dealer call me. This is a very old jeweler with a fancy (but somewhat stuffy) store. I figured I would ask them the price and see how the two compared. They told me they would have to call and check. When she called back, she said that Simon G told her they could not set my stone in this setting because it would not fit. Then they  told me there were other Simon G options, ones with prong settings that could hold my diamond and they also had designers that made similar rings. I'm a little suspicious because I went into this store before when I was buying a new wedding band. They had a Kwiat band that I loved but it was white gold and I wanted yellow. They told me that they called Kwiat and were told it was not available in yellow. But then I sent an email to Kwiat and they said they could make it in yellow. So I don't know if the local jeweler is not good at getting information or they want to sell what they have in stock.

 Any opinions that you could give me would be greatly appreciated! TIA

BTW, I ordered the band directly from Kwiat and it turned out to be beautiful.! They now offer the ring in yellow gold on their website.


Aug 8, 2005
I would try another Simon G dealer and not deal with this store again. Sounds like they are either lazy liars or they are incompetent. Either or... you don't want to keep dealing with them.


Jan 18, 2009
I would definitely try another dealer...this one has proven they aren't trustworthy.

Amys Bling

Jun 25, 2010
Contact a few Simom G dealers and ask them about whether your diamond can be set in that setting and pricing to do so. I would get a few opinions before I made any decisions- ESP. With such a sentimental stone.
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