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May 27, 2008
Hi Fellow Diamond lovers,
I have the dubious pleasure of having to make a jewellery replacement because of loss. So the question is what to do?
the pieces lost include an edwardian ring that I can't replicate and an eternity ring that I had already replaced (with bigger diamonds from .20 stones to .30 stones in a shared prong setting) I am thinking about diamond earrings but am really at a loss as I have my favourite pieces that I wear almost all the time. this would be my diamond studs, eternity ring and diamond line bracelet. Any suggestions?


Dec 3, 2010
Well first of all I am very sorry for your loss. Thou when it comes to replacement pieces, you have boundless opportunities. First of all you sound like you have the basic power pieces that can upgrade a suit or that little black dress in hand so to speak. A necklace/classic pendent would be a strong addition to that based on the types of shirts/blouses/sweaters/etc you wear, and your neckline.

You can also look for an Edwardian piece that really screams to you or any other vintage/antique. It is my second favorite jewelry time period right behind Art Nouveau so I do understand the true beauty of form and design that was lost.

Another option is to sit down and design/look at pieces that really interest you and commission a birthstone piece/suite for yourself. I would lean towards a 20-24 inch diamond and birthstone (unless your birthstone is diamonds in that case stick with diamonds or go with what ever compliments your skin tone and eyes the most) station necklace of mixed cuts and varying carat sized by .25 carats you can add into that with a matching bracelet, solitaire birthstone ring with different shape diamond accent enhancers and/or convertible drop earrings making for a classy/fashionable multi-purpose set that can be used to garnish a set of jeans and a light top or bring glitter to a evening gown for that big night out. But i will confess I am very partial to design work.

What ever you decide to do good luck and best wishes in all your endeavors

PS- Please I beg you if you do get a diamond necklace try not get those ones that look like a 10 inch diamond bracelet was wrapped around your neck :???: .

-lover of all things shiny and not so new
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