Need help with wedding bands.


Jan 27, 2011
Thanks to the good people here at PriceScope, I bought a nice solitaire engagement ring for my fiance earlier this year. Purchased from JamesAllen, and she loves it. I had them set the diamond "as low as possible" since she is a nurse, and wears gloves at work which can be a pain. Not thinking of the wedding bands when we did this - and now it's presenting a problem. She likes the wedding bands with all the small little diamonds on it - doesnt need to go all the way around...just half way perhaps.

Since the stone is set so low, the ones we've looked at in person at various stores seem to look weird with it. So my question being - is there a really low profile band with little diamonds all over it? I think they call it channel set?

Also, where is a good place to purchase my ring from? I'd ideally like platinum as well, but since they're expensive, I'd like to find someone with the best pricing.

Here are some pics of the ring - 1.51 carrot - I color - SI1


May 20, 2007
did you look at those 7 stone rings? they sit very low and looks very sparkly. also there's those scattered diamond bands on whiteflash that looks really nice also. check out their site


Jan 27, 2011
Thanks for the info. I don't think she likes the 7 stone look - I think she likes something more like this:

Also, when I was picking the ring, I went through a link from this site somewhere, and I was able to see PriceScope's discounted price on JamesAllen's site...but now I dont see it. Is there a link to do this again? I want to see what the discount would be on that site versus others.

THanks :)


Jan 7, 2010
I don't think you necessarily need to go with a channel setting to get the low profile you want, but it will definitely be a more durable ring than a pave, shared prong or other style of eternity band. I have a few wedding bands that I switch in and out, but for work (I am also in the medical field :) ) I always end up wearing my bead-set channel band. My engagement ring shank is also very low profile and the band matches it perfectly (actually, all my bands match the height of my ER, I am anal like that :oops: ).


Dec 17, 2008
tocheeba|1310324842|2966002 said:
What's the difference between "high" and "length", etc?

This is the ring that the diamond was set onto -

So is it 2.5mm high? Should I find a 2.5mm high wedding band, or a 2.0? What would look better with a channel?

I think the height on that ring is 1.9 (length). I would look for a 2.0ish. You are going to have a little bit of a gap because
the prongs of the ring start down at the bottom of the ring. A wedding band probably wont set completely flush with it because
the way the band is built. If you wanted a wedding band to sit flush you probably wouldnt have
needed to pick a flush fit band like this...

The 2.5mm is how wide the band is.

Why dont you ask James Allen whch of their channel set rings would go with it? Ask them if they have any pictures
of the 2 rings together.
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