Need help with Radiant cut for e-ring

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Jun 28, 2006
Hi everyone. I am trying to help out the boyfriend of a friend of mine pick out a ring. He likes radiant cut. I do not know too much about radiants so I thought I would ask for some help. His budget for the setting and stone is about 5000.00. He does not know ehat he wants for the setting, solitare or with sidestones.

Please any help is appriciated!!!! Any pics would be great too!!!


Jan 21, 2004
If his budget is $5000 for the entire ring, finished, I suggest that he concentrate the majority of the budget on a nice stone, and a solitaire. Sidestones will needlessly take money away from the centerstone, I think.

Radiants are a beautiful stone, but are not the taste of most. Do you know if your friend''s boyfriend wants a radiant because he likes it, or because (I assume your friend) wants one? Does she have any input on what she likes? Read the radiant posts, do a search for "Radiant" and you will see some pictures as well as some good ideas to start out with.


Jan 21, 2006
Here''s some that have potential, but they need more information:

This one has a nice image and F is a good color in a radiant, VS1 is a bit overkill though. With the 66% table, I would make sure the crown height is over 10% and then it should be fine. I wish it didn''t have so much girdle variation...but it''s hard to find a perfect radiant.

Numbers look promising on these, but you need an image to make sure:

Ditto, what was said above about radiants being for a specific taste. I would make sure that his gf has a taste for radiants before buying one. They are not for everyone, but can be quite beautiful for those who like them.


Apr 4, 2006
Well, to add some support for the underdog here, I love radiants. I have owned nearly every shape under the sun and radiants by far beat them all in my opinion. Of course this is a product of looking at a lot of rocks, and getting lucky, and personal like for the intense sparkle that my radiant gives. I also like the rectangluar shape of the rock on my hand. My rec is to look at them personally because I do not think that numbers alone will do the job.


Nov 19, 2004
I would find out what it is that he likes about the radiant. Does he like rectangular radiants or square ones? What does the bride-to-be like? Perhaps she likes princess cut and would therefore be most likely happier with a square radiant? If he likes the rectangular look what does he like about the radiant more than say an emerald cut? Understanding why he likes what he likes will help you in the shopping process.

If you do go searching for a radiant with your friend''s boyfriend, it might take awhile. Not many stores tend to carry them. Each radiant will have a different look...even if the "numbers" look the same on paper, the 2 stones can look completely different. Radiants are often cut a bit deep so you need to watch the depth in order to have good spread. If you need to speed up the process, I''d look for the trademarked "Original Radiant Cut" stone which are generally cut well. Not that you can''t find a great non-trademarked just takes more time to look. I have a radiant and I was amazed at how challenging it was to find them and also how much the "numbers" didn''t really work to pick a good one. I''d contact some of the vendors on this site and see what they can source for you.

I also think radiants show color much easier than many other stone shapes so you might want to stick to a higher color such as an F. You can down in clarity to Si1 because all the tiny sparkles tend to hide the flaws.

I also agree with the idea of getting a simple setting. Maybe giving her the ring in a cheap setting and then letting the fiance to be design her own ring.

good luck
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