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Need help with meanings.

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Feb 3, 2003
Stumbled across this site while looking for information on diamonds.
Appreciate if I could get some advise.

I just bought my girlfriend an engagement ring.

Its a
.65 ct
Princess Cut
F colour

The jeweller also tells me that its rated as
Cut = very good
Symmetery = very good

What does this mean, I''ve looked at the GIA website and ermmm...

Its also got a GIA cert (but I haven''t seen it yet cause i''m overseas at the moment)

I''ve had it set in platinum with a claw design and its cost me less than A$7K
which I feel is very reasonable (Any comments?)

I also found the jeweller to be very professional. He had shown me other stones and was very frank about their quality even though they were more expensive than the current stone. Eventually, after my fiancee viewed a couple more, he searched, found something similar to what we wanted and flew it in from NY, and I understand from my fiancee that this stone was beautiful.

erm, my point
, well, my question ended earlier, I guess I''m just recounting my experience because while searching for a jeweller, I did come across a couple of very sleazy sleazy ones...


Jun 27, 2002
I know that the GIA might will use the term, "very good"
to rate symmetry, and polish. But I think that your jeweller gave you his own 'opinion' on the cut, stating that its "very good" because there is no such rating
on a GIA cert.

Kirk Konst
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