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Need help matching earring stones


Jun 9, 2011
I'm putting together a pair of diamond stud earrings and have two stones on hold for the next 24 hours. These weren't preselected as a "set" so I wanted to get some advice from all of you experts out there. I'm particularly concerned that they look the same size when held side by side and that they will sparkle equally.

Both stones are ideal AGS 000, H&A, I color, and VS1. These are the measurements:

4.94 X 4.97 x 3.06, table 55.3, depth 61.8, ideal AGS, H&A, I color, VS1, 1.8 HCA
4.89 x 4.93 x 3.04, table 56.3, depth 61.9, ideal AGS, H&A, I coloe, VS1, 1.1 HCA

Also, I generally prefer yellow gold settings, but I'm wondering if that will make the I color too strong. I like a little warmth but usually prefer G or H. All advice is really appreciated because this is my first time to order diamonds online.


Feb 20, 2006
Welcome to PS Lookingforsparkle :appl:

I just purchased these two diamonds in a similar size to what you have on hold.

They are J color and I had them set in 18K yellow bezel.
They are a college graduation gift for my daughter.
Neither one of us is very color sensitive and I think they look very white indeed!
The cut is terrific and they really sparkle, which is what you are assured with the AGS 000, H&As you have selected.

Regarding your diamond selections matching in size, ask if someone can pull them out and look at them and tell you. If these are with a PS vendor and the stones are in house, there should be no problem getting someone to look at them side by side.

In an earring, I would have no problems with an H, I or a J, but then again that's me.
Each person has to decide how much warmth they like, if at all.
I have no issues with these colors and the cost savings definitely makes it worth it, especially for earrings.

Good luck!




Apr 4, 2010
I think with earrings you will not notice the color as much. Also, I is still 'near colorless'! Those look like a good match to me.
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