Need help finding a ring


May 25, 2011
I keep seeing posts on here that say if you post what you're looking for - PriceScope will help you find a diamond & setting - I'm not sure where to ask. And is the help only to buy through this website?

My finance wants me to pick several rings that I love and he will surprise me with one. One issue is he won't tell me his budget. I'm not comfortable spending a bunch of his money - we are not poor but we don't have much savings and I have 1 kid in college and 1 about to go next year. Also the money he spends will come out of the same account he is keeping our wedding and honeymoon savings.

My idea is to find a website that allows you to pick the diamond and then the setting. That way I can send him 3 or so settings I like and then a range of different diamonds to choose from so he can decide on how much he wants to spend on the diamond.

I really want to keep the price range around $1300 to 2300.

After doing research here is what my stone request is right now:

Princess cut
Color: H or I
Clarity: VS2 or SI1
Cut Parameters for Princess Cut Diamonds:
Depth: 65% to 75%
Table: Below 75%
Polish/Symmetry: Good, Very Good, or Excellent
Carat range: .5-1 (I really would rather .75 to 1 but it's big price jump)
Metal - platinum or palladium (I'm allergic to nickel but could do white gold if mixed w/ palladium)

for setting I like simple - trellis solitaire or center stone with side stones. I looked up "active lifestyle" and found a bunch on this website: -- but the site is hard to search and I'm not sure about it's reputation.


I know this is more of an opinion question but with princess solitaire setting - how small would be too small? i tried on a .5 carat and that seemed too small - we are on a budget so... i did see that the nicer cut/quality stone - the better .5 carots looked.

Any recommendatiosn on where to buy? Seems like whiteflash and james allen are popular websites here - we want to get the most bang for our buck.

What about blue nile? I found a setting i like there and can't find it on james allen or whiteflash.

Any input would be great!! thanks... :shock:


Dec 17, 2008


Apr 4, 2010
hi and welcome! pricescope is a consumer forum so we do not buy or sell diamonds through this website. we can certainly recommend some choices from online vendors.

do you have a link to the blue nile setting you liked? perhaps we can help you find a similar one. blue nile does not provide images of their diamonds which is why we generally do not recommend them. however if you can find an AGS0 princess on blue nile that is probably a safe bet.

here are some from james allen


Sep 9, 2008
This BN AGS0 stone looks good. Probably eye-clean at that size but no harm asking BN to check it out or using the return period to check it out thoroughly.

Not sure what is the price of the setting you are looking at, but there are quite a number of AGS0 cut graded princess on BN at the moment.

This also looks good, for about 100USD cheaper.


May 25, 2011
I just went into a jewelry store and could see in real life all the things you just taught me - it's all coming together now!

BTW - I did one post in the wrong forum and was told to ask in Rocky Talk - and then that post got moved into this forum - so currently I have 2 posts on this w/ the same exact question...


I'm going to go check out these linsk!! thanks :)
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