Need Help, Diamond Stud earrings for Wife Budget around $4K


Nov 24, 2015
I haven't purchased a diamond since the engagement ring (20+ years ago), probably didn't do that well either.

Would like to buy the wife diamond stud earrings for Xmas. My budget is around $4,000 but outside that I don't know anything. I have looked at the charts for clarity and color but outside that I am lost.

Thought about going to a chain just so I can get a cash back bonus on my Credit card but I know that is probably not a good place.

I have heard the clarity and color don't need to be as good on earrings because people will now get there eyes as close to them as a ring.

I just get a sick feeling I will get ripped off no matter what I do or decide.

Should I get something with a total weight around 1ct (assuming best quality and color $4k can get). Or get something bigger and relax the quality and color?

Looking for what is best bang for the buck.

I live in Iowa and am willing to drive so if somebody could give me a warm fuzzy on a store that would be great. If that is against forum rules I apologize and please ignore.



Oct 20, 2007
Re: Need Help, Diamond Stud earrings for Wife Budget around

Pre set 1 carat total weight diamonds from a very highly recommended vendor in platinum are around $3100 USD in PLAT. If you're worried about doing it wrong or simply don't want to spend the time, that'd be the easiest thing. White gold is a bit less - $2,400 USD.

For earrings, if they were mine, I'd go cut, size, colour, clarity in that order. No reason for the highest colour or clarity in my opinion for earrings and size does matter, but don't forget about cut!


Apr 2, 2006
Re: Need Help, Diamond Stud earrings for Wife Budget around

I ditto Rhea, and note that you could go up to a 1.5 ct for an additional $250 (but remember that the cost for secured shipping will probably be in the ~$40 range):

Whiteflash has an excellent reputation around here. They re-set some studs into this 8-prong martini setting for me so I can vouch for the quality of their work and service. It's not for everybody but personally I love the 8-prong setting, especially for everyday wear. It's a very comfortable setting and the prongs are not nearly as prominent as they appear onscreen! The 4-prong basket is a more traditional look though.
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