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Aug 18, 2010
Hi, I looking to buy a 1.50 carat diamond, and I have a few questions.
Originally I was hoping to get a G color and a VG cut, VS2. The jeweller I went to suggested to go with an excellent cut and to
go with an Si1 stone that would be closer to VS2. I do not want to see inclusions when I look at the diamond. I also asked to
see some VG cut diamonds

I used the HCA to check the best proportions and this was the best one and it scored a 0.8
Here are the rest of the specs.

Size, color, grade and cut: 1.50 carat, G, SI1, Very Good
Shape: Round brilliant
Measurements: 7.34 X 7.38 X 4.53
Polish: Excellent
Symmetry: Very good
Fluor: None
Culet: None
Table: 55%
Depth 61.5%
Girdle: Thin to Medium
Crown angle: 36%
Pavillion angle: 40.4%

The GIA report is from 2006. Does that need to be updated? Is there a possibility because of the date, that this stone
was purchased before and is being resold to me? The price I have been quoted is $15,000 plus tax.
Second, on the report is states twining wisps are not shown, surface graining is not shown.
There is also a feather and an indented natural. I am not sure how to evaluate these.
The only VS2 diamond I was shown was priced at $19,000. Not sure if I will like an S11 though I was told that
is what most clients by. Also when I go and see a diamond and it is held up by tweezers, it is hard to see it the
same way that I would if it were in the setting.
Any advice?


Sep 9, 2008
Post the GIA report number.

Definitely ask for an update on the report or at least buy it loose and during the return period, bring it to an independent appraiser to check for wear/damage to the stone.

The stone may have some obstruction issue, as the numbers could be worse than it is due to the averaging and rounding by GIA. If you see the stone going too dark when viewing less than an arm's length away, it probably have obstruction issue.

Do the jeweler have a temporary ring holder?

Amys Bling

Jun 25, 2010
Because of the date, I thi k it's possible this stone was traded in- so do get an updated appraisal.
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