Need Advice on 1.202 ct E SI1

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Dec 18, 2002

I need some advice about a diamond I''m considering. It scores a 2.7 HCA, Very Good for Light Return, Fire, Scint, and Spread. The price is $7400. After reading about the HCA, I have been trying to find a stone below 2 which is considered excellent as far as HCA goes. My question is, what am I giving up with a 2.7 stone over one much lower. This is a very clean SI1. It only has 1 inclusion that is very difficult to find. I''ve been told that it is an SI1 due to the fact that the inclusion crosses under three facets near the gridle. It is a line that crosses two facet junctions. If it was within 1 facet it would have been a vs2. Could this be true? Would I be better off looking for a better cut in an SI1 with more inclusions but still SI1? The HCA on pricescope says it is worth buying if the price is right. But, it isnt excellent so what do you recommend.

Thanks in advance for any help...

The stone ahs the following specs:

Round Brilliant
1.202 cts
AGS Cert
Cut: AGS 0
Polish: Ideal
Symmetry: Ideal
Proportions: Ideal
Color: E
Clarity: SI1

Depth: 62.4%
Crown Angle: 35.5
Crown: 16.2%
Pav Angle: 40.9
Pav: 43.2%
Table: 54%
Girdle: 1.0-1.9 faceted
Culet: pointed
No: Flourescence

Price $7400


Oct 30, 2002
From just eyeballing the numbers, it looks as though the depth may be a little deep when compared with the table. You didn't mention the diameter specs but this stone might appear to be actually smaller than the 1.20c it is due to the depth and small table. It also may be carrying some extra weight in the depth, meaning you could be paying more for extra carat weight that is not adding to the beauty of the stone.

Have you seen it in person, do you have an attachment to it? If not, then keep looking!
There are tons of stones out there for the discriminating customer, and if this one does not sit well with you, keep searching. The price that you mentioned is a tad bit steep for a non-ideal stone. What about an F or G color? Keeping the SI1 you could get an excellent cut stone with a near colorless color for that same price or less. Our stone is a G and it faces up pure white. I could tell no difference between the E and the G we were considering.

I just ran a quick Pricescope search using the 'Cut Quality' tool and found the following two stones, both at Whiteflash. The first is a little under 1.20c and the HCA score is slightly higher than the 2nd diamond. The 2nd stone is ABOVE the carat weight you were considering for $100 more, and is a 1.1 on the HCA with all excellents. Both stones are Hearts & Arrows, A Cut Above stones which are branded stones that have gotten alot of positive press on here from people who purchased them.

G, SI1
AGS 0 (H&A), A Cut Above
HCA score: 2.0 (EX) (vg,ex,vg,vg)
Depth: 62.2%
Table: 55%
Crown A: 35.4
Pav A: 40.8
Polish: ID
Symm: ID
Fluor: Faint
Price: $6869

G, SI1
AGS 0 (H&A), A Cut Above
HCA: 1.1-EX (ex,ex,ex,ex)
Depth: 60.6
Table: 56
Crown A: 34.8°
Pav A: 40.8°
Polish: ID
Symm: ID
Fluor: No
Price: $7533

Anyway--these are two examples of what you could find out there if you keep looking. If you are interested, they both came from WhiteFlash.Com and you'd have to mention Pricescope to get the pricing listed. Leslie at WhiteFlash is very helpful, you can email her at [email protected] (I think that's her address).

Hope that helps some.
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