Need a semi mount made

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Mar 2, 2003
Does anyone know somewhere I could get this setting made? I don''t need a diamond just a semi mount and the store that sells this won''t sell the mount alone.

I would need it in 14kt Yellow Gold to fit a 1.50ct round diamond.

I''m hoping it won''t be too expensive. Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you



Oct 30, 2002
Very beautiful setting!

There are a few options I would suggest. First off...visit , they make custom items for many people and they have a great online photogallery of all their work (well maybe not all!) so you can see what they have done for other people and their process, etc. They are also very reasonable, I emailed about setting 20 small stones into a line bracelet for me and their pricing was actually slightly less than our local jeweler who made our ring would have charged me. They have an online inquiry form via email, so send them an email with your idea, attach the picture you have below and they will email back. I got a response from them within 24 hours.

Another option is to go to a local jeweler ...a smaller boutique store maybe, and find out who makes their custom settings. If you can find out who the local custom designer is, you may be able to work directly with them, or you may have to go through a local jeweler, who will then charge slightly more for being the middleman. We went through our jeweler because we bought our stone from him, and we got a great deal on the setting.

Custom work will cost slightly more, but should not be as much as a 'branded' setting from a retail jeweler. Our setting was similar to one we were considering that was $2700 with .50c and we got ours for $2000 with .75c in we saved by not buying the 'brand' name of the setting and got hand-picked small stones with an entirely unique setting.

I am sure others may have suggestions as well. Good luck!


Jan 22, 2003
Also contact Greg at Nice guy. Mark Morrell does incredible work as well, though he's often swamped. I can't remember his website, but you shouldn't have difficulty Googling him.
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