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Jun 18, 2004
My little sister recently got engaged and we went dress shopping last weekend. The shop was one of those "no pictures and we won't tell you the designer" types. She loved a dress she tried on there, but her wedding won't be until March 2015 and she's not ready to commit yet. I thought finding the dress online would be a simple matter, but I can't find it anywhere! The shop lists David Tutera by Mon Cheri, Jasmin, Justin Alexander, Robert Bullock and Sohpia Tolli on their site, but I looked through all of those collections and didn't spot any of the dresses she tried on. So "the one" was priced at $700, and was very similar to this David's Bridal dress but the mystry dress had a chapel length train, nicer beading on the straps, and no beading on the side. I think the back may have been a tad lower as well. Any ideas what it might be? I've done tons of googling with various search terms and still can't track it down.


Sep 1, 2009
It is beautiful! It must be very pretty with a train!

I've seen similar styles around but didn't try any on like that so really don't know what to suggest other than looking through the manufacturers again. If she REALLY is absolutely certain that this is THE ONE, can she buy it now and then have it tailored closer to the wedding? $700 is not bad for a wedding dress!
Alternatively, if she waits until closer to the wedding would she maybe have changed her opinion and like something different better if she went out again? (I fell in love with the first dress I looked at... and then after some time to think about it and try on others I found I only loved it because I was so excited to be dress shopping and excited to finally be getting married)

If she doesn't want to buy now and really does love that dress, would she consider taking the picture you found to a dress maker and having them custom make one for her using the picture as the starting point? They could adjust stuff from there to probably get something close (and maybe better than) the one she loves.


Oct 2, 2008
Bummer! I don't have any advice but I hope that some of the ladies more versed in designer bridal wear may be able to help!
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