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My great experience with Excel Diamonds

Discussion in 'Pricescope Testimonials' started by Denise G, Nov 4, 2010.

  1. Denise G

    Nov 4, 2010
    by Denise G » Nov 4, 2010
    First of all my fiance and I are from Sweden where we also live. We're having a destination wedding june 2011 in Mexico. We began looking at wedding bands in Sweden several months ago but couldn't find anything that I liked, fitted my engagement ring or fit our budget. We felt that all the rings were so overpriced. We then began to look online and found by a coincidence Excel Diamonds. We didn't know that you could purchase jewelry like this online plus we realised that the prices in the States were soooo much better than the ones in Sweden. My engagement ring was a 0.75 ct Asscher cut with a 3-4 mm wide platinum band. The ring was custom made and impossible to find a wedding band that looked good next to it. So we decided to get me not only the wedding band but also a new engagement ring. We ordered the Tiffany Novo style engagement ring and wedding band and a 1.06 ct Cushion cut diamond, signature ideal cut, D, SI1. Excel Diamonds were so good to purchase from! During the process I changed ring size, shipping adress and diamond and Barry and Judah were so helpful and replied all of my many emails and douzens of questions very quick. I had them send the rings to my friend in Baltimore and I flew over this past weekend to pick them up. And I absolutely love my rings and I can't wait to when I get to wear them both! The diamond sparkles more than I've ever seen and I can't take my eyes off it. I love how it's so white and clear, even though it's an SI1, and it has such beautiful shape. We will gladly be back at Excel Diamonds when it's time for a diamond upgrade and I hope to visit their store next year when we plan to go to NY.

    Thank you for everything Barry and Judah!

    Denise & Christofer

    Ring 1.jpg




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