My Fiance Just moved in over the weekend.

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Nov 9, 2006
And we are falling inlove all over again. I''m as happy as when he proposed just 7months ago. We had been together a year and ahalf when he proposed. and plan on living together for 2 years till we get married. We are going to start saving now since we are spliting the rent. I''m so thrilled about the future and I have a man of my own. He is wonderful and I feel so lucky to have found him. I just pray everything continues to work out perfect just like how its been.

Does anyone have a story like mine? does anyone have any advice? I am 25 and he is 26 and we have never live with anyone before.


Mar 20, 2006
Glad you are having such a good experience!! My fiance and I won't live together until after our wedding, though our apartment buildings are just half a block apart, so we spend a lot of time going back and forth. After we got engaged, we discussed moving in sooner (actually, he begged, I resisted), but I decided to stay in mine until the wedding. I genuinely love having my own place and wanted to enjoy that as long as possible. Plus several people advised us that the whole wedding planning process might be easier if we had our own space to retreat to when necessary!!
So far it has been a really good decision for us, but I think that is completely dependent on the couple and their unique situation.

Oh, and we are 27 and 29 and have been together for 4 years.


Jun 15, 2006
We waited to move in together until we were married but my advice remains the same:

Create a space, even if it''s just a corner, that is your own. Have him do the same.
Pick and choose your battles (the dishes in the sink aren''t going to hurt anyone, calling him a name because they are there can do damage).
Never go to bed angry.


May 14, 2006
I plan on moving in with D once we get engaged during the summer. We are already looking at places to rent,but unfortunately due to the fact that Ive gone back to college we cant move in until then. I would love to do it now as we''ve been together over 7 and a half years. Oh yeah-Im 25 and hes 26


Oct 30, 2002
well, i would say don''t be disappointed when things do not continue ''as perfect'' as they have been up until now. honeymoon phases are common and while they are wonderful while you are in them, soon reality and the day-to-day of regular life will set in at some point. i was reading an article about why after years of marriage or togetherness people change and grow away from each other...and it was basically saying that at the end of the day when you ''get used'' to your mate and having them there all the time, it is very easy for them to become ''one more person who wants something from you''. it takes work to not let that mind-set creep in slowly over time.

try to remember every day why this person is special to you. how you fell in love. notice the small things they do that make you happy, that are considerate of you. don''t hold a grudge. i don''t say ''dont go to bed mad'' because sometimes you just need to sleep something off and the next AM things look rosy again. but i will say ''don''t sleep in another room or on the couch'' kinda thing, because i think it''s important to be together in the same room and bed even if you aren''t totally loving each other right at that moment in time. also don''t let small things get to you, aka how he doesn''t pick up his towel or leaves his dish in the sink or whatever. that''s not why you fell in love with him.

so i would just say, definitely be realistic about things...that nothing stays ''perfect'' forever (and it''s okay that it doesn''t!), that way when something does happen to topple the relationship off that pedestal, it won''t be such a big''s just part of the nature of progression of relationships. the most important thing is that you found the right person for you and you are joining your lives together. that''s the big picture. you will have ups and downs through life. everything else is just peanuts.

have fun!
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