My dealings with a diamond broker and SI1 stones

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Dec 8, 2006
My girlfriend and I had been dealing with a diamond broker to find GIA or AGS papers because they are rarer in Canada where we live.

I just wanted to share my story about what happened with the diamond broker. I kind of got a bad feeling about him by the end of the meeting. It seemed as though he was applying pressure to make a sale. He told us we wouldn''t pay tax if we bought this month (in January 14% would be added on). Then we found him advertising on a website that anyone that mentions that website will get a 20% discount. I don''t know that much about diamonds. My girlfriend has spent several months browsing this site and others and learning all she could. I''m glad she did. If I had gone on my own to see the broker, I would likely have bought the first thing he suggested because I wouldn''t know any better. He didn''t have any diamonds to show us, but had a piece of paper (from EGL) showing the different colour grades/clarity etc. It would have been better if he had a few diamonds stocked to give people an idea of what they are looking at rather than the paper. We went there after work tonight to look at some certs. that he had faxed in. He said he would show us 4 certs. and would then like us to select one to have sent in based on the certs. Anyway, she had requested VS2 because she didn''t trust that the SI1 would be eye clean without the broker or her having ever seen the diamond. He insisted that if it is a true SI1 no one would see the inclusions with the naked eye. My gf explained that she has heard of SI1''s that are not eye clean. He said they could not be true SI1''s because the inclusions would never be visible. He insisted if we get a SI1 GIA stone based on the cert. the inclusions will not be visible.

Anyway, sorry for the long post. I''m excited to be buying her the ring, but it is a little stressful to invest so much and want to be sure I''m buying the right thing. That''s why I''ve involved her so she get what she wants. We won''t be buying from the broker as we got a bad feeling about him by the end of our meeting. I''m sure I''ll be posting on this site more frequently.


Feb 25, 2006
I am not too experienced myself to offer advice, but I can share my experience with you. They often just present you with certificate and not the stone because they don''t have it in stock. This site has been a great help to me. Do not shy away because they did not get the stone for you to see.And if you think you like what you see on paper act before they sell it. It happened to me once already.. Anyways that''s just my imput and I do not know as much as others here know...Good luck..


Nov 21, 2006
You can have the broker to have the supplier to check the diamond to make sure it''s eye clean. As long as they have good return policy and once you got the diamond and if you are not satisfied with it you can return it. I am in Canada too and I just purchased an SI2 from a broker in NY and I am very pleased.
Not open for further replies. Please create a new topic or request for this thread to be opened.
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