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Jan 23, 2003
If I bought a diamond online would it be better for the online company to mount the diamond in the ring or should I get the diamond mounted at a local jewelry store. I am concerned because I know that I should get the diamond appraised, but I don’t know if I can do that once the diamond is mounted in the ring.



Mar 4, 2003
You can get your diamond appraised once it is mounted. Five years ago, when we bought our wedding bands, the jeweler was kind enough to give me a free appraisal on my engagement ring, even though we did not buy it there. The annotation on the appraisal says "Stone was graded while mounted, grades approximate."

On my new diamond, what we are doing is having all the tests run on the loose diamond by a gemologist BEFORE the purchase. Then, once the diamond is set, we "might" have to have the whole thing appraised. Looks like just a detailed bill of sale will be sufficient for our insurance company.

No comment on who is going to set my diamond, we'll cross that bridge when we get to it.



Feb 6, 2003
Yes, it is possible to have your diamond appraised once mounted in the ring.
However grading the diamond is more accurate when the stone is loose. When appraising a mounted stone the appraiser will state 'stone graded while mounted' and will colour grade the stone over more than one grade, if it was graded loose it would have an accurate colour grade. Also the style of setting can sometimes make it more difficult for the appraiser.
Does your diamond have a cert?


Oct 30, 2002
My suggestion is to get the diamond appraised before you purchase. Have the co you are buying the stone from send the stone to an independent appraiser such as RocDoc, Richard Sherwood, etc (see Appraisers link above) with the sale contingent upon desired results. Assuming it all checks out, the appraiser mails the stone back to the online co, you buy it, they set it, they mail it. The appraiser separately mails you the paperwork and information on your stone. You're done!

Many co's will not have a problem sending the stone to an independent appraiser, especially the ones most mentioned on this forum. I don't know the details on who pays shipping/insurance may work this out with your online jeweler. Depending on who you are working with, chances are this could the easiest way for you to get the detailed loose stone appraisal that you seek, but still also have the online jeweler set your stone. Also the stone never touches you at this point, so it's always nice to have other people handle all the work for you. You probably are spending a good chunk of $$!

Also some offline jewelers will be hesitant or refuse to set your stone if you did not purchase it with them. Not all will be like this, but it is important to know BEFORE you make the decision on a setting if the store you purchase from has this policy. Little details in the end could cost you lots of time and $$.

Good luck!!
Not open for further replies. Please create a new topic or request for this thread to be opened.
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