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Feb 8, 2007
I posted this yesterday ( and got some good information/leads. But I need more assistance. The problem is the beau is in grad school full-time and working part-time and his money is tight right now (e-ring/wedding aside, mortgage still has to be paid, you know?). I don''t care much for solitaires, which would likely be the simplest thing to buy given our budget; I don''t like prong settings at all (I hate how they make the ring stick up, it looks odd to me); and, I don''t like round stones so much. But he really wants to pay for this ring (though I did say just buy the diamond and I''ll get the setting since I want something more than the basic solitaire in a plain plat setting) and rather than step all over that and make him feel like what he can give me is not good enough, I''m trying in all the ways I can to find something I will love and want to wear for a lifetime at a price that fits his budget.

That said, I have another question. If I do go for the custom Legacy-inspired ring, does it really matter if it''s a cushion in that setting? I love cushion cuts but I realize a good bit of the ring will be obscured by the halo, so does it matter if there is a cushion in that bezel halo setting? Would it still have that square halo look with a different stone shape? Would I have better luck finding a good but less expensive diamond if I looked at other cuts? Cause I''m willing to compromise on the stone shape in order to have the ring style that I want. Or, if there is something I could compromise on with the diamond, considering so much of it is obscured by the halo in that bezel setting and, if so, what would that be? Size?

Thanks, again, everyone for helping me.

Random side note: I love the way James Allen lets you do the magnifying glass thing online with their loose diamonds. It''s helped me figure out what kinds of cushions I prefer.
Not open for further replies. Please create a new topic or request for this thread to be opened.
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