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More Diamond Pendant Necklace Questions!!

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Dec 4, 2000
1st, thank you for all that responded 2 my last post!!! And to the person who left North Caldwell,,,WHY WOULD U DO SUCH A THING????? HE HE...After reading your responces and doing tons of research I realized how little I knew and also realized how damn confused I am now!!! (well not too bad)...Oh,,and thank you to those of you who responded that sell diamonds and didn't pursue me for a sale!! That DEFINATELY adds to the Credability to this site!!!!!My next ?OK,,,I have a pretty good idea what I want for my wife!!! I want a Diamond, 1.00-1.25 carats, VS2-SI1, F-H, Round, do be installed in a gold bezel attached to a gold chain!! My ? relates to the quality of the cut!! I don't really have a budget for this stone,,,but I am verrrryyy BIGGGG on only paying for what is necessary..(otherwise I would by a Flawless diamond!!)..Is there a cut where the diamond starts to change from beautiful to the naked eye, and not so beautiful?? Example,,vs1 to si1 is probably not visible to the naked (untrained) eye,,,is there such a cut that is in that range?? Also, this H&A cut,,,is it worth the money for it??? Lastly, the different cuts, H&A, 1a, 1b, etc etc,,,what are the % differences in prices between them???Thank youGlenn Ajmo


Dec 31, 1999
Glenn,There is so much to say, and I type so slow
There are many options out there and the cut ladder looks like this;Eightstar (cut for opitcal beauty, rare only about 500 cut this year, and the most expensive)Hearts and Arrows (all brands, ideal cut with the H&A image, top few percent being cut)Ideal (ideal cut in the math terms, still in the top 10% of production)The we go AGS cut 1 thru 10 (price drops according to cut grade, 3 and down common in the mall chain stores, not all)I would be happy to spend 15 to 30 minutes on the phone with you. We can cover most of these and other subjects very quickly. I will not quote any price (unless you ask), but I hope to guide you to making a great decision. You shop where you want, so consider this a free service. The best time to call is from 11:00am to 3:00pm EST @ (803) 772-2095.Good luck, and I'll be glad to answer questions VIA email if you prefer.Night all!Steve------------------


Dec 31, 1999
Glenn, tnx for kind words about the site
While waiting for an answer from the experts you might want to look onto tutorial on this site and the summary (what to buy) page: for the price difference idea, you can try price stats for different cut grades: Best thing is to see many diamonds and figure out for yourself which grade/cut is best for you. Many people can see the difference between H&A and other cuts but only you can decide whether it's worth the premium.The Cut Adviser on this site is designed to help you in evaluating beauty of your diamonds
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