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Nov 1, 2002

We have developed a system to remove-reduce the diamond layer by layer. With this system all skin, surface color, frost or impurities are removed. The result is a natural rough diamond
with a totally original look (even with new triangles on the surface) without
skin or frost and without color concentration on the surface. After the skin or
frosted disappear you receive a much more valuable transparent diamond of
higher quality. With large diamonds the result is often unbelievable; with a loss
of a few percentage of weight the value can increase by two or three
hundred percent or more.
The system can drastically change and improve the external look of the whole
production of certain mines. I consider the system a "mine upgrader".
We would like to exploit the system together with you or to sell you the
We are open to your proposals.
We would be glad, as a demonstration, to improve your stones at our
laboratory in a way that it will be easy for you to learn and judge the
exceptional results of our system.

[email protected]

Photo Optical Diamond Improvement System.
Technical Specifications.

Point summary of system characteristics:

1.Retains natural aspect of rough diamond

2.Creates new surface triangles.

3.No tumbling, no loss of colette

4.Frosted stones (matte) become transparent.

5.Major profit is found in large and expensive stones. The system is especially
suitable for stones from 1.0Cts and above, although good results are obtained
with stones from 0.20 Cts. It is also suitable for alluvial diamonds or
green/brown-coated irradiated stones.The process is suitable for stones of all

6.Gradual application. According to the results obtained, the process can be
continued or stopped. The model of the stone remains unchanged. High
capacity, up to thousands of Cts per day.

7.The model form remains unchanged. The weight is slightly diminished (1-2%
min. or more).

8.Exclusive invention.

9.Potential buyer is invited to test system to his satisfaction. :wavey:
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