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Apr 4, 2010
I was wondering about AGS measurements of some fancy cuts and found this old thread (from 2003!) I was wondering if anyone could shed any more light on this subject?

also, just to be clear, red line = first measurement, average of blue lines = second, and depth percentage is the last number divided by the first one (red line)?


from ice is nice in 2003
I e-mailed AGS to find out why they measure certian fancies differently from others. Here is the text of the e-mail I sent:

"I have a question pertaining to the measurement section of the AGS certificate.

My understanding is that, for the majority of fancies the measurements are to be interpreted as L x W x D. For other fancies such as the Dream diamond from Hearts on Fire, however, the first measurement is the longest
corner to corner diagonal, the second is the average of the two flat sides to flat sides, and the third is the depth.

Can you please explain why this difference exists? I am considering the purchase of a Dream diamond but I would really like to know why AGS measures the Dream in this way.

I thank you in advance for any assistance you can provide me with!"

Here is the answer that I received from AGS:

"The methodology of dividing the depth by the width is traditional and has been taught that way for many years. More recently, some manufacturers have used a variation of your suggestion of averaging the length and width to get a more 'realistic' depth percentage. We know that the Dream and Elara cuts, which are cut corner square shapes, use the longest dimension from the tip of the corner to the tip of the opposite corner. Since these stones are brilliant cuts, the manufacturers want them treated as such and the resulting total depth percentage approximates a standard round brilliant. You may also want to check with Hearts on Fire at"..

Can somebody please tell me in plain English what these means. It seems to me that certain manufacturers are using this different measurement methodology to get better depth % results.

Any comments would be greatly appreciated.


Aug 14, 2009
I *believe* that *sometimes* (depending on age? report type?) for specialty branded shapes AGS uses/used what you describe - the diagonal as the basis for the other measurements - girdle, depth... using this PoH as a model (AGS_DQD, scan) table around is 3.554/4.399/3.575/4.399 from helium, and 3.554/7.35 ~48.35%

vs. this PoH with a 2007 AGS_DQD, scan or this PoH w/ 2007 AGS_DQA, scan

but for regular shapes like princess "square modified brilliants" it's just length x width x height on the report (princess, AGS_DQD, scan) and depth on AGS is 4.16/5.51.. same w/ GOG's AVC AGS_DQD
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