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Aug 29, 2006
Hello everyone,
So what''s keeping me up tonight (from the nervous excitement) is that everything is falling nicely into place and i''ve started thinking again about what I want to say before I ask her to marry me. When I start thinking of all the things I want to tell her about how special she is and lucky I am... well there just seem to be a lot of things I''d like to say. I know that a lot of the length part will take care of itself and while i''ll probably prepare something I''m not going to memorize a speech or anything. But I was wondering if anyone had opinions about how much of it should be said when i''m down on one knee? I think we''ll be wrapped in a blanket watching a sunset so it''s a natural time to talk about some of it anyway, but it seems like it would be better to say more than ''i want to spend the rest of my life with you, will you marry me?'' on one knee. I guess I was partially wondering if I should worry about leaving her up there too long (which when I type it sounds kind of silly). Also, if I talk more when I''m on one knee I was wondering if people had thoughts about when to open the box to present the ring. With the ''will you marry me'' or towards the beginning so it doesn''t look like I just decided to get on my knees. I know neither of those may be much of a question but bear with me. We''ve been dating for 6 years (since sr. year of HS) and I want everything to go perfect.

Also, the last conversation I had with my grandmother who passed away a few months ago was about my decision to propose. She was the first person I told and it is something that is important to me that I haven''t yet been able to share (in order to maintain any nominal surprise). This is better to bring up after the proposal right? Since it''s something that''s important to me I''ve sometimes thought about mentioning that I had been able to tell grandma during the proposal but for the most part I really recognize that it''s not exactly the best time to bring up something that can be sad.


May 23, 2006
I think you should say whatever you feel when the proposal time is upon you (hehe, sounds funny). Life is too hard to plan, and so is something as romantic as a proposal. Just say whatever feels right when you are in the situation! I''m sure it will turn out beautifully.



Feb 21, 2006
Personally, I would do most of the talking while you are cuddling or whatever, and just the "will you marry me" on one knee. I think it would be weird for you to do lots of talking while kneeling. If you open the box too soon, none of the rest of the speech will happen, I suspect, and if it were me, I wouldn''t hear much of what you say once youre on your knees, as excitement would kick in.

So my vote is speech (not super rehearsed), then get on one knee for "will you marry me" and the ring.

Save the grandmother discussion part for later. Thats really sweet and you should definitely share it with her, but the actual proposal should just be about the two of you.
Not open for further replies. Please create a new topic or request for this thread to be opened.
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