Martin Sheffield @ IGS in Thornhill


Mar 17, 2013
Starting off, I had no idea what to do in terms of buying a diamond. I had browsed jewellry stores, websites like blue nile and whiteflash, forums and read articles until my brother recommended Martin at IGS ( My experience with Martin at IGS has been exemplary. Not only did he provide excellent service, but he had written a handy booklet that explained, in depth, the process and selection of buying a diamond ring (which you can find at After reading his diamond buying guide, I had emailed Martin with the specs of my diamond and he promptly responded with a list. He also provided his valuable insight to the HCA rating that I had not known about. With his assistance (I asked a lot of questions), I was able to choose one and it was shipped to his office. He didn't open the package until I was at his office and he appraised the loose diamond, immediately. When I saw the diamond, it was just gorgeous and I was amazed at how much fire it had. It was absolutely stunning. With the loose diamond found, I could now focus on getting the proper ring.

He introduced me to a goldsmith, Victor, who also gave top quality service. Both Martin and Victor took good care of me and were readily available to answer my questions. Victor was able to design a ring after giving him an idea of how I wanted the ring to look. He called me up once a wax mold was made, and after I approved of it, the ring was ready about a week and a half later. Once the diamond was set and the ring was ready (took about 30 mins), he told me that future cleanings and resizing were at no extra cost for life. (Later on I had to get the ring resized, he came on his day off and had the ring ready in an hour).

With the ring, I went back to see Martin and he did a final appraisal for insurance at no extra cost.

I am so glad that my brother had introduced me to Martin. I am very grateful for Martin's excellent service and taking the time to help me choose the right diamond. I highly recommend his services and I would recommend him to my friends who are also happening to approach that time in their lives. Overall, with Martin's help, I was able to get a better, larger diamond than what you would find in stores, and the list of prices he provided me was better than whiteflash and blue nile. So if you're in the Toronto area, I'd highly recommend going to see Martin at IGS.


Apr 23, 2013
Thanks!! This is so good to know, as I live close to the Toronto area. I will definitely look him up when it comes time to making the next purchase.


Oct 23, 2013
What is their relationship to US Certed?

I see that it says the following for contact info

mailto: [email protected]
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