Marriage license confusion?

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Dec 10, 2007
Okay this seems so simple but it really is not clicking for me. I am getting married in Florida on April 4th, 2009.
Here is what I could find about the requirements of a marriage license applications:

-Bring photo IDs
-It is valid for 60 days
-There is a three day waiting period

FI and I are both Florida residents, but I am kinda confused about the waiting period thing. For example, can I walk into the court house on March 24th and apply for the license, wait at least three days, then go get married? Do they give it us when we apply or is it mailed to us later? Do we need to go apply soon as we are only 37 days away? How does this stuff work?

Then are we not legally wed until after paperwork is sent out, and processed?


Aug 1, 2008
I googled "Florida Marriage License Waiting Period" and got this. Hope it helps.

Is there a waiting period from the application date to the date the license is issued?
No, you will receive your license immediately.

Is there a waiting period from the date the license is issued to the date I am allowed to marry?
Yes, there is a mandatory 3 day waiting period. The waiting period is waived for couples who complete a state sanctioned marriage counseling course within the past year.



Aug 15, 2008
Hey Miss Izzy,

As far as I understand FL licenses, you have to wait three days to get the license since you are both in state residents. For someone like me and my FI, who are not FL residents, we can walk in and walk out with a license on the same day b/c we don''t live in FL.

You do have sixty days from the time the license is issued to get married.

So, IMO, you and your FI go apply for the license. Three days later, you will have one. From that point, you have 60 days to use it, ie get married. So, I would go get your license now.

Caveat: This is just my understanding of the rule. I am not a FL license expert
. If you are still uncertain, either call your county (I think you are Orange, no?) or ask you officiant. I am sure they would know!


Sep 14, 2008
Ditto the advice already given.

I'm also getting married in Florida, but I'm not a resident of the state, so I won't have to deal with a waiting period. My understanding is that unless you take some sort of marital course, you will have a 3 day waiting period, since you are a FL resident.

Here are some wedding planning website's I've found that list the requirements and fees:

ETA: Since you are only 37 days away (and the license is valid for 60 days), you could go apply now for the license and avoid some last-minute stress.
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