Mark at ERD Saves the Day!!!


May 4, 2011
Testimonial on behalf of Mark Turnowski and Engagement Rings Direct:

Six months ago I began planning to purchase an engagement ring. My fiancé had her heart set on a cushion cut diamond so I started to save, shop around, and learn quite a lot. One of the most helpful resources I encountered was the forums on The members there helped teach me a lot about the various qualities of the cushion cut that are not included in the traditional 4 C’s. Further once they knew my budget they helped me look for options.

As the time grew nearer to purchase, there just were not many great diamonds that fit into my budget. A few of the forum members suggested I get in touch with Mark at ERD. I did, and I am very happy that I did! Mark was immediately on the case. He knew my budget and preferences, and within a day or two had great options. Of course I had continued to look for diamonds on other sites, but none of them compared well to Mark’s selections. Further, since Mark specializes in cushion cut diamonds, he was familiar with a few of the options I was considering from other places. He never pressured me one way or the other, but offered sound objective advice.
I finally chose a 1.31 ct cushion that Mark had selected. The price was fair and, equally as important, Mark guaranteed that his Jeweler would set it in a custom halo and micro pave setting and have it shipped to me in time for our vacation. Just so you know, we left for our vacation a bit more than a week after I finally settled on the diamond.

That next week was STRESSFUL. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate Mark’s calm demeanor and patience with me as my nerves were winding up before the trip. I knew that it was a rush to have the ring made, but I also expected a high quality setting. Mark delivered on both accounts. Mark kept me posted on the ring’s progress, and as promised the ring arrived in time. The ring is beautiful.

Mark and ERD have my strongest recommendation. Their well regarded reputation is well deserved. Thank you very much.
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