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Feb 14, 2003
Well, thanks to everyone here!

I ended up purchasing a .5 Carat, E color, Si 1, AGS 000 H&A non-branded Canadian round brilliant diamond, with inert fluorescence. After the diamond purchase I had the diamond mounted in a custom made 19 Karat white gold solitaire style band.

My diamond adventures were certainly made easier after reading many of the posts here. I opted for an AGS diamond for peace of mind, all the technical specifications reassured the engineer in me. In fact in pursuing an AGS diamond at one local shop here in Portland OR. the sales representative said that only engineers want AGS certified diamonds (the diamond I was looking at the time was EGL) – he then clued in that I was an engineer.

I traveled to Canada, the mother country, and visited Birks.

My American friends may not be familiar with this retailing name. Essentially there the Canadian Flavour of Tiffany’s, but slightly more expensive. They provided excellent service (far better than Tiffany’s, in Portland, by the way), the rings that I was shown were beautiful - so was the price. Birks provide a GIA certificate.

My main issue with not purchasing at Birks was the fact that I felt it was not special. “Uhm yeah I’d like that ring in this size, and these specs” hand over credit card. See my point? It just didn’t feel right.

I then ended up at Britton Jewellery in Vancouver BC and dealt with Tony, the owner. What a pleasant surprise he offered a no pressure atmosphere, and offered a value-added experience. I saw my diamond through the ideal-scope and was simply amazed.

I can not get over the sparkle of the diamond it’s darn right blinding! Even in the faintest of light the diamond still sparkles, incredible.

Thanks again.

A Canadian in the US-EH.


Nov 4, 2002
Hi there!

My fiance and I bought our H&A diamond from Tony at Britton also! I'm still in awe of my little baby! heheh

Congrats on your ring!

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