looking for princess in NYC diamond district

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Aug 11, 2001
would you trust the NYC diamond district? i know intuition says NO WAY! the reason i'm not buying on the web is because i'm looking for a princess. i understand that the mathematics for a princess isn't as thoroughly worked out as it is for rounds, so i can't just depend on the numbers, right? that i need to see the stone right? please please advise!
does anyone out there actually have experience with the diamond district? where else in manhattan can i look? i know everyone will recommend Good Old Gold, but since i don't have a car i can't get there. i've asked this before, but no one seems to know other places in manhattan.

what do you think of this plan? i buy a good looking diamond, with a GIA cert and good cut parameters (according to dave atlas' tables). ask for 30 day return guarantee and mail the diamond to dave atlas or rockdoc in florida. if the stone matches the certificate, i then ask the appraiser to do Gemprint (or whatever it's called when they laser inscribe a number on the stone for identification purposes). return the stone to the diamond district for the setting.

i'm also going to get a platinum wedding band with a row of diamonds in it. how can i make sure the stones in the band are what they tell me they are? is it possible for them to give me a white gold setting instead? is there some way i can tell the difference between the 2 metals?

i'm really sorry if i offended any diamond vendors out there. this is a big deal for me and the diamond district just has such a bad reputation. one bad apple ruins it for everyone else...

thanks for your help!

Garry H (Cut Nut)

Aug 15, 2000
Sound sound.
Consider asking the vendor to ship it to Dave - it will cost you less and they will know that they must be above board and offer you a nice stone.
They may even do this for you before you spend the $$$'s.
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