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Looking for an engagement ring. price range of 3k or less


Jul 23, 2012
I would ask a few questions about this
“Can I get a profile shot “ - this May be a ring made by Erstwhile. If it is, they have a weird profile that makes the diamond impossible to clean.
“how do you know the exact weight? Is it certified”
Might be engraved on the inside ... Idk.
come back with answers and photos. if acceptable offer 2900(I know they have entertained similar offers )
(Similar but not exactly photo- on erstwhile the design is called nimbus if you want to google )


May 22, 2002
You’ve gotten some great advice regarding her preferences. I too am in the round camp if you are looking for safe & classic. I’m on my phone & limited to how many sites I can check out. No doubt others will try to find you the best blend of value & size as some have done already. :).

Lab grown diamonds will allow you to spread your budget for better color & bigger stone. If you want to stick with a mined stone, Bluenile, B2C, Adiamor will have good value stones. James Allen is ok but a pain to get cert information. Try Yadev Jewelers as well for both lab & mines stones.

If you want to go for simple & small for now with an option to trade up in future, & you want the safest route, go with Whiteflash. They have a nice stone in stock. Along with their simple Tiffany style setting, will put you over budget by a few hundred so it might not be a possibility but putting it out here for you to take a look. Future proof as well

Also, sign up for James Allen emails. They have an insider sale right now. Will help if you end up.
The Insider sale ends on Apr 5,11:59pm.Tight timeline.

Best of luck.

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