Looking at Erica Grace diamonds


Apr 27, 2010
So some diamonds have a EGL cert from this site. I'm okay with the color being warmer since it is an Old European Cut. But how do I judge the sparkle? I have seen various pics but the price seems so inexpensive for the size. Do they send it to customers to eval and return it if you don't like it? Do OEC even have an ideal cut? Or excellent? It does look gorgeous but it could be nice photo kwim?

Or is she a reliable jeweler that you all trust for evaluating diamonds? Thanks for answering all my questions for the past few months.



Jan 11, 2006
I think they are very trustworthy from the many positive reviews here. You do have to understand that old cuts didn't have the technology we have now so they aren't necessarily cut to ideal standards. The only stones that are would be the August Vintage Rounds from Good Old Gold. There is a limited supply of those, so it just depends on whether they have what you want at the time you look. I feel like JBEG's prices are fairly high for antique stones, so be certain you love what you get! I haven't read their return policy, but it should be stated in writing somewhere on their site. Otherwise, I would obtain it in writing before proceeding. I would not buy a diamond from anyone without a return policy. They have some beautiful stones, though. Good luck!


Jan 3, 2005
You should make sure whomever you purchase from has a good return policy. JBEG are very reputable and I wouldn't have any issues buying from them. Many old cut stones have EGL certs or even no cert. Like diamondseeker said, you just want to make sure you are getting what you pay for. You can always have the stone sent to an independent appraiser for evaluation on the stone and price. OEC do tend to be less expensive than modern ideal cuts but that isn't always the case either. Old cuts are lovely but the cut can vary so you have to judge them on a stone by stone basis unless you are buying a branded "new" old cut like the August Vintage rounds and cushions Goodoldgold sells.


Aug 14, 2009
Ditto DS - I think if you are buying a "real antique" like what you might get from JbEG you're buying a little bit of history, a little bit of diamond, a little bit of charm - and part of that charm, for me, is that they *aren't* perfect. Faceting is often wonky and one result is that light return is not what you'd get from one of GOG's precision cut AVRs - they were cut to preserve weight, and to look beautiful in the lighting of the times - which was candlelight, low-light, sunlight, no office halogens!

They're often sent to EGL because GIA's/AGS' cut grading schemes would be unfavourable on them - proportions, sym, pol.

JbEG's prices are on the higher side, but the upside is that you get lots of photos of what you're getting, you can discuss the stone with them.. you have to weigh how much that is worth to you against the risks of places like ebay, where prices will be lower.
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