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Feb 27, 2016
Hey everyone! So I'm new to this whole diamond thing and I'm looking to buy an engagement ring in the very near future.

I'm looking for a 1 carat ( +/- ) cushion cut ( I've been looking at dimension not weight though ), as close to 1.00 LxW ratio as possible and of course the best color and clarity I can get for the money. I'd like to stay under $3500 for the diamond. This is the setting I'm going to put it in:

I've been looking at James Allen for weeks. The website is amazing with the way you can see the diamond before you buy it. But for me this is also what the problem is. I'm having a really hard time determining what flaws are actually visible in real life. And I really don't want to go into a jewelry store to look either if I can avoid it...haha

So my understanding is all VS diamonds and above are eye clean, but looking at all of them I can't help but think they are all polluted with visible flaws. So how do I know what is good and what is bad based off of these 20x magnification images?

Here is an example of what I'm talking about. This is a H - VS2 diamond. Should be pretty clean in person correct? But when I look at it I don't know how you wouldn't be able to see that dark cloud just by looking at it?


Any help with determining what you can actually see in real life would be great.

Another question I have is about the color of the diamond for a 14k white gold setting. I found a diamond I really like and unfortunately it's at the top of my price range but it's literally perfect ( in my opinion )...except for its an I color. How bad would it look to put this into that setting I linked above.

My main concern with this is that the setting uses F-G colored diamonds, so how noticeable is it going to be that it's an I color?

I appreciate any info!
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