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Mar 20, 2003
We had a house warming party last night, and whooee, it was fun. In our condo we could only invite one of our social circles over at a time. Last night we just invited everyone we could think of and mixed them all together. And if you recall that I had a friend who was angry that we didn''t use her as our realtor -- she has FINALLY come around and showed up last night, although since there were so many people there I didn''t get to talk to her for long.

Anyway, the first people to show up were new neighbors and their 8 and 11 year old daughters. While I was talking to the mom, the 8 year old kept interrupting with, "Oooh! Look at your rings! Are they real?" I said yes, but she kept pointing to them excitedly and saying how sparkly they were, so I took them off and handed them to her. She showed her sister, "Oooh, look, these are real!" Her sister doesn''t have the bug I guess, because she said, "Real what?" The younger one even asked if this beaded necklace I got at Ann Taylor Loft was "real," so I had to disappoint her with that answer. There''s just something about diamonds for some people.

In other news, one of my students (a senior) is engaged. Lots of the kids today think they''re engaged or pretend to be married and wear these CZ wedding sets, and this girl had one of those for a while. Then I noticed she was wearing a real engagement ring on her pointer finger, and I asked about it. I assumed it was her mother''s (her father is deceased, so I thought maybe mom had passed it on). She said, "Oh, [boyfriend] proposed." My reaction was, "No! Really??!! No!" Her boyfriend is a college sophomore.

It was a cute ring for a high school senior. It was just on her pointer finger because it was too big. Probably 1/4 or 1/3 carat in a simple white gold solitaire. It certainly caught my eye as opposed to all those fake rings the kids wear. She says she told him they''d have to wait until after college to get married, but she may have just been saying that because of my reaction.

Knowing her and her situation, I don''t think this is as awful of an idea as it could be for some teenagers, but still . . . I''m 27 and I have yet to be invited to a wedding for someone I graduated from high school or college with. It''s definitely a class thing, although I hate to phrase it that way. It also seems that students with deceased or absent parents are more likely to get the idea of marrying right out of high school, perhaps for the sense of family. I had another former student come in and tell me he''s engaged to a girl who''s a junior. His mother gave him up to a group home, and he had trouble passing his classes but finally got his GED. Now he''s the manager at place like Subway. His mother came to a meeting once and spoke this horrible slang English, while to his credit, he responded quite eloquently (mostly to the tune of how he didn''t have to listen to her because she wasn''t really his family). So when he told me he was getting married as soon as this girl graduates next summer (and he met her in my class, no less), it made sense that this was about making a new family for himself.


Jun 29, 2006
LOL! I thought you were announcing a pregnancy!!! hehehe :D Cute!!

Okay now that I've scanned the rest of your post - I've seen a lot of these kids sporting the fake big bling and wondered what the heck is up with that - not just a diamond ring but a full set with a band!!! They're like 5' tall, braces, zits, they're *kids* and they have a nicer set than me? at least in appearance LOL

ITget what you mean about making family...
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