''Lifetime Service''--Offline vs. Online

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Oct 30, 2002
In the great diamond search, there have been many factors which make me feel that purchasing online is the way to go. I'm pretty much sold on this idea, especially with pricing and the level of customer service I've encountered, which is great!

However--Now I wonder, what happens when I purchase my diamond online and a setting in a local store? Does this mean that they will clean my diamond and check the prongs/do standard maintenance, etc every few months if I ask them to, for free? Or would they only do that if I bought my diamond there--regardless of where I bought the setting?

What if I bought the diamond loose, online, and then purchased a setting online as well. Who cleans the diamond then and do I pay?

I'm unclear on what is the norm, and whether or not stores/jewelers charge for these services if you bought nothing from them in the first place. If so (which seems reasonable), what is the average fee? How often should a diamond/ring be professionally cleaned? I have a pair of gorgeous diamond studs that we bought through a connection we have with a jeweler and he said that he thinks 'mr.clean' will clean a diamond just as well as his machine. I've also been told to use toothpaste, which seems to work okay.

Anyway--any advice is appreciated. I am wondering if getting a setting locally for $400 more and having them agree to a lifetime of cleansing and maintenance in the long run makes up for the $400 savings we'd get if we bought the setting online with no maintenance agreement.



Nov 6, 2002
I considered some of the same things when buying my ring. I did a lot of shopping & I would've saved a few hundred if I bought my diamond loose & my setting at another site. When I called around jewelers, not many really wanted to mount the two for me, did not want to guarantee anything, & the price would cost me the same as if I bought everything together online. Most of the jewelers I talked to were pretty specific about being in the diamond business & did not care much about the setting, but their diamonds cost more.
When it comes to cleaning, I would read one of the threads on this site referencing SHINE (I cant remember the exact topic).
I also found that most of the settings available came with some type of guarantee, & if you invest in insurance (about 10% of appraisal annually), you should not have to worry about the setting as much. There is another thread about insurance on this site as well.
This is all just information from my experiences. I would suggest reading some of the threads on this site & calling a few jewelers to get prices & whatnot.
Overall, I think you have the same concerns as a lot of us first time buyers do, but if you stick with a good site, I dont think you should have much to worry about. Good Luck!

Mon :bigsmile:


Oct 26, 2002
I would be surprised if there is a norm to give lifetime service for buying a setting! So I would not expect it, but it is very possible you will get it in many cases anyway.

I bought an online stone and hired someone to make a setting. I am nearly sure he would not charge me for cleaning or adjustments. I plan to do my own cleaning though.


Sep 2, 2002
I would imagine that if you buy other jewelry from a local jeweler, he wouldn't mind doing a cleaning for you from time to time. If you say "Would you mind giving my ring a cleaning while I look at these necklaces" and your jeweler declines, he is probably not a very good businessman.
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