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Jun 4, 2020

John Pollard published a new blog post.

Lab-Grown Diamonds.

No subject has generated so much buzz and debate among jewelers and diamond enthusiasts since the 1990s when diamonds started being sold online.

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Jul 17, 2008
Would I buy one? Yes, I did. Would i wear it over my mined diamond? Yes, because it is larger. Do I care about the emotion? No, not at all. Do I care if it loses value? No, my mined diamond which is gorgeous would lose even more value if sold. The only diamonds that gain value are museum quality. I’m very happy to own both.
May 21, 2021
Thank you for the overview! I find the subject of LGD vs. natural endlessly fascinating. And I agree with AprilBaby, most mined diamonds are about as good an “investment” as a Porsche Boxter, so that’s never been a compelling argument for me.

Perhaps I’m the only one who feels this way, but I think lab diamonds offer wonderful, engagement-appropriate symbolism. As a person who doesn’t believe much in fate, destiny, soulmates, and the like, but who does believe that love is an action — and a choice — I find the concept of MMD very romantic. A lab diamond is created, with intention, at the same time two people decide to make a lifelong commitment to each other, and it lasts forever. I can put some “emotional value” behind that!

Garry H (Cut Nut)

Aug 15, 2000
Thanks John, it really is an interesting topic and seemingly becoming an epic battleground.

I am on the record that both have a great future. Man made will take over the lower end of a lot of the Mall diamonds that are low in color and relatively lifeless. Because CVD LGD's are grown to minimal thickness to suit demand I am seeing the vast majority of rounds are scoring well on HCA.
The natural rounds are almost all cut the the steep/deep edge of GIA's Excellent proportions boundary and score poorly on HCA.
As a result, those Mall diamonds will end up where they belong - on the end of a drill bit. But that reduces the incentive to pay for prospecting for new mines. Eventually, like some of the rarer porsche limited editions, natural diamonds will get more expensive over time.

The hot pota-atoe thingy from Pandora is a bit of a joke. They sell less natural diamonds globally in a year than I sell in a week. But they got great free PR from it. A brilliant move.


Mar 23, 2013
Interesting topic.

1. Would you buy a lab-grown diamond?

Yes. I have. Lightbox studs x2, but I have since sold both.

2.Would you wear one?

Yes, see above. I'd likely consider a large asscher in LG down the line. It would be an occasional wear item and I wouldn't want to spend mined dollars on that.

3.Would you propose marriage with a LGD?

I don't see myself proposing to anyone!

4. Would you accept a proposal if it was made with a LGD?

Already have a partner, but I would prefer no engagement ring for a proposal. I have sufficient things that can be repurposed for this already.

5 What do you think will happen in the future with LGD values?

Believe they will drop and continue to drop until a leveling off period.

6. What about natural diamond values?

I think they are two different markets. I think there may be some overlap, but I do not believe that by and large the buyers that are looking for a larger lab grown diamond purchase are the same as most mined consumers. There are many consumers that are looking specifically for lab ground and not considering mined.

I don't think there is or will be sufficient cross over to put both of those items in the exact consumer pool to be a competition with one another for most consumers.
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