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May 1, 2003
Hi, friend, your questions generated a lot of spirited responses, eh? I thought maybe I''d hijack the thread back!

I just wanted to tell you that if you''re considering Blue Nile, they have some of the more specific measures you will want to use if you''d like to plug into the HCA here. All their signature diamonds and their AGS documented diamonds give you crown and pavilion angles under their "View grading report" icon when viewing specific diamonds. Some of their GIA diamonds do as well. I tried a couple of diamonds almost at random for you and found that they both were rated HCA excellent. You might check them out: LD00508903 (this one got all excellents for brilliance, fire and scintillation, and a VG for spread) and LD00644905 (mostly Very Goods and an Excellent). These two may not be quite as clear as you''d like, but I''m betting they''re good stones.

They mostly seen to stock GIA graded, and with these you just have to open all the reports of the diamonds that catch your eye to see if they happen to have included the crown and pavilion angles...some they do and some they don''t, no apparent rhyme or reason to it. Doesn''t look like the two diamonds you said you were interested in do. I believe Blue Nile can get that info for you with time, but I found it easiest to browse the site until I found what I wanted. I just recieved a completely gorgeous stone and felt utterly confident I knew what we were getting...I am delighted with the diamond, a 1.05, ideal cut, excellent symmetry and polish, G, VS2, HCA 1.1. Sparkly thing, lovely to look at, just as the HCA numbers indicated it would be.

In my thinking about this, I went through quite a process and my thinking changed as it went. Yours will, too, I bet. I think at first I was a little snobby about, and a little afraid of, S11 clarity--but I no longer feel that way. Could be a great value. What I most cared about in the end was good color and excellent cut, and a promise that the diamond would have a lot of life to it. I found lots of more and less expensive diamonds on Blue Nile that didn''t have nearly as good HCA numbers as the one I chose. I''m convinced that the information on this site helped us pick the cream of the crop (of that site and in our price range).

Interestingly, I''ve kept a watch on some of the diamonds I ran numbers on (all similar in their 4 C''s) and found that people are buying stones I "know" to be less visually pleasing, missing the really good ones! I can only assume, they haven''t discovered all the good information this site! For which I should say thank you to all the contributors. You gave us peace of mind.

Good luck with your search. Blue Nile is far from the only place to go to look for your treasure, as you know from reading all the posts. Sounds like you have a treasure, too, in the woman you''ve chosen to marry.

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