Last minute diamond change... did i make the right decision?

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Willing Wil

Dec 22, 2006
Hi all. I''m basically new to this forum and have found basically all I''ve been reading in previous post very informative. I recently put myself in a somewhat predicament. Heres my story:

I ordered a diamond with setting two days ago from a reputable dealer mentioned a few times in this forum (BN). Today I was contacted by a customer service rep from the dealer saying they discovered a defect in the diamond i chose while inspecting it before setting it in the ring. I believe it was an pressure impact.. something. Basically, if it was hit a certain way, there was a chance that the diamond would split or crack
I am greatful they at called me to let me know instead of letting me find out the hard way. She offered me an alternative diamond so that it could be set today and arrive at my door tomorrow (before Christmas). She was pleasant and told me that the alternative diamond was almost identical in quality to the one I chose. She gave me the stock number of the diamond so that I could check the alternative out. I was away from a computer when I was talking to her on the phone so I couldn''t see the specific details of the alternative. However, wanting to be able to receive the diamond by tomorrow, I hastedly gave her permission to use the alternative. One descreption I noticed when I had time to look at the specs online was that the diamond was a 0.90 carat instead of a 0.92 that she said it was. Other than that, everything else looked identical to my newbie eyes.

So my question to you all is... Aside from the obvious defect in the original, Did i make the right decision in accepting the alternative in terms of appearance, value, etc? did i downgrade my purchase? here are the specs for the two diamonds:

original: GIA report dated 12/7/01
Carat weight: 0.92
Cut: Ideal Round Brilliant
Color: F
Clarity: SI2
Depth %: 61.5%
Table %: 56%
Symmetry: Good
Polish: Good
Girdle: Thin to slightly thick, faceted
Culet: Very small
Fluorescence: None
Measurements: 6.22 x 6.27 x 3.84 mm

Alternative: GIA report dated 11/20/06
Carat weight: 0.90
Cut: Ideal
Color: F
Clarity: SI2
Depth %: 62.3%
Table %: 56%
Symmetry: Excellent
Polish: Excellent
Girdle: Medium to slightly thick
Culet: None
Fluorescence: None
Measurements: 6.14 x 6.18 x 3.84 mm
Crown Angle: 35
Pavillion Angle: 40.8

Any opinions would be welcomed. This is my first such purchase. Any other advice on what aspects of the diamond I couldve focused on more (i.e. focus more on clarity than color, etc) would be also appreciated. One more question, does the fact that the report for the original dated back 5 years matter? it didnt make a note of the angles. Thank you all again.



Apr 30, 2005
Welcome to PS

The new pick looks good, this diamond has nice proportions and should look great, from the info given. Good thing BN found the fault with the first one, thank goodness they caught that one. You did very well with your colour and clarity, providing an SI2 is eyeclean you are not paying for what the eye can't see - colour is more visible so an F is a nice pick for a very white looking diamond.

ETA - wanted to wish you much luck with your Holiday proposal


Jun 18, 2003
Looks like an upgrade to me - ex/ex ideals sell at a premium to good/good with ideal proportions, and it''s not even clear that the original stone had ideal proportions. Good to see BN do this. Congratulations on your upcoming engagement!


Jan 13, 2006
I agree with Lorelei and elmo on all. You definitely got a better stone. Should be pretty!

As for your question on the age of the report on the first one mattering, sometimes stones take awhile to move, but I would tend to wonder on this one, as it''s at a very desirable size. Could be it didn''t move because it had "issues", not sure.


Mar 14, 2005
Your new stone looks great and I think it speaks very well of Blue Nile that they called you about the problems with your original choice!
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