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Ladies who wear GOLD and PLAT rings together please help!


Jun 14, 2008
I've read through numerous posts about the potential problems of wearing gold and plat rings together (the plat eating away at the gold over time). I'm looking for real life experiences, to see if this is really a true concern or if the wear would be little more than regular wear from 2 rings worn side by side. I have a plain plat wedding band that I would like to keep but would really like to design a 3/4 eternity band, and possibly my e-ring reset in rose gold. I absolutely love the pink color of rose gold on my skin. I think it complements me much more than the white color of plat alone. I would want to wear them together on my left hand.

Also, for those of you who wear both, do you notice the gold wearing a lot more than the plat? I've always read that gold rings lose metal over time, but is this actually noticable in a lifetime of wear?

Thank you!
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