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Dec 11, 2010
Hi ladies! It's been a few weeks since I have checked in. Still waiting... just had our vacation within the vacation. Went to Morocco, Spain and The Netherlands...still nothing.... it was an awesome trip though and the prospective proposal has been pushed FAR out of my mind until when we were in Amsterdam sitting along one of the canals and he said, "so I saw a shirt yesterday in one of the souviener shops that shows a man getting married and then it says 'game over' I know it won't be that way with you"....... whatever that means?! HOW romantic!!! Oh men.... Then we had a getaway for a few days within Turkey.. saying he wanted to have a really romantic trip together in a place called Cappadocia... it even included a hot air balloon ride, magical. The day before he said I should go to be early and get up and get ready for the "perfect day" (he never tells me to get dressed up, but he asked me to because he wanted to take photos of the day so we could always remember...) the LIW'itis kicked in, why does he want me to dress up? what's going on?... the 4:30am wake up was not easy but I did it.. got all dolled up and had a wonderful day soaring through the sky being held in his arms. Nothing happened. Now that we are back in Istanbul and leaving in a few weeks back to Canada he is now talking finances, and he has never shared concerns for not having money.. he's really been cutting corners on costs and discussing long term finances... not really sure how to read in to this? I know we have talked about the engagement being sometime this year, but I don't know what he is trying to say with all this talk about him not having money, when he has a corporate law firm job set up when we get back home.....


I feel like an idiot that I can't just take romantic things as romance anymore without thinking its going to be a proposal. It ruins the adventure for me, no matter how far I try to push the engagement stuff out of my mind, it follows me like a cloud. haha.. loving the romance, not a fan of the disappointment that follows.... BUT i shouldnt be disappointed. Bah, I'm disgusted with myself.

Hope everyone is well.



I'm sorry that he hasn't proposed, but girl you are one lucky lady! Enjoy the romance and whirlwind excitement/anticipation while you can. Once you're engaged the fun, romantic trips are replaced by spending every last penny you have on the wedding plans. :tongue:


Feb 3, 2010
I agree with Tammy, you are LUCKY! That really sounds like a dream vacation. Even without a proposal it sounds so romantic and like something you'll always remember for the rest of your life. I understand how you feel though. It can be really disappointing when you think its coming and you build yourself up for it and then it doesn't happen. Just try not to expect it anymore. Even when he says really sweet things, don't take it as a hint, just enjoy the romance :love:. He sounds like he really loves you and that's more important than a ring on your finger right at this time. I'm sure you already know these things; I just wanted to remind you. All of that being said, he may be trying to throw you off with the money thing. Either way, enjoy this!

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