Jubilee cut What do you think? coming down to the wire


Jun 26, 2011
So this is my second topic

WHat are the opinions in this forum about this stone..

Is it going to be eye clean with the nake eye? I feel that the optics are going to be great but
i wanted it to be eye clean ...

Also info on wire transfer? how does that work with bank of America... is it difficult to setup ?
what info do i need for a wire transfer for GOG ...
Looks like they are with BOA i hope there isn't a fee...

Thanks to everyone...

Also there is no refund for the setting ... So what should I do.. i mean she might like or not like the simple solitare setting,,,
Should i have it set ???
Can i propose with just a rock... :appl:

What i've decided i was looking for in the past post:
After watching the youtube on cushion cuts.. i 'm leaning towards

jubilee cut HA from GOG /Cushion Square Hearts and arrow cut /( or modern cut with the best optics)
1 caret or higher
G color or higher
VG symmetry or higher
VG Polish or higher
Si 2 Clarity unknown factor
Price of 7500 or 8000 with setting (solitaire white gold /platinum /palladium 2mm band)
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