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Jewelry pet peeves!


Apr 22, 2020
Nose rings, on me or on other people. I always imagine the back coming loose and being inhaled and ending up in a lung.
Haha your description cracked me up. I wish nose rings looked good on me, but they look terrible. I like them, especially the traditional kind, and wish I could wear them, but no dice :D

Diamond Girl 21

Jun 26, 2017
This is my personal list. It doesn't bother me if I see others wear these things...except for dirty jewelry. That holds true for everyone.

-I can't stand dirty jewelry, as stated above.:???:

-Mismatched diamond colors really bother me, unless very far apart and done obviously.
-I personally can't stand the feel of 2 rings on one finger, so I've never had separate engagement and wedding rings. I've always opted for one ring with a thicker band....totally weird, I know.
-Toe rings are cool, but I can't stand to wear them.
-Any piece that is too tight or uncomfortable, especially around my neck.
-I won't wear more than 2 rings on one hand, and they cannot be on the same or adjoining fingers.
-Settings that make it difficult to clean the stones.
-Necklaces that flip or become tangled. Remember when Y necklaces were the rage? Mine always got completely tangled up...ugh!
-I can't stand the feel of the bottom of a stone touching me.
-There are certain style elements I don't personally like, but I appreciate them on others. My taste is a little out there anyway.;)2


Oct 2, 2020
Watches that don’t have clear numbering or are difficult to read for any other reason.

Here is my current favorite watch. The face reminds me of the clocks that are (were?) on the front wall of every classroom in America. I’m an unfashionable nerd, but I don’t care :bigsmile::geek2: :



Sep 13, 2019
I love (funny how different we are)
  • bezels
  • rings on every finger (mmm Judi Dench vibes!!!)
  • milgrain
  • toe rings - in fact - I love them so much, I tattooed a "ring" on my own toe in college!!! (I went to art school, this was nothing compared to the other freaky stuff that went on)

I dislike
  • prongs, especially claws - prong phobic. will never bother with anything that isn't ribbon / tab / semi or full bezel - when i had claw prongs, every time they so much as scraped against fabric it sent shivers up my spine!
  • razor thin bands
  • pave on baskets
  • double halos
  • ballerina rings
  • huge chunky eternities with dainty solitaires
  • heavy jewelry
  • alloys for the same metal that are different hues (ugh i wish everything just MATCHED)
  • Massive diamonds, like 6-7carats+ (lol am I still even allowed on PS??), I never imagine I'd own anything bigger than 2-2.5 carats, and that would be a fancy cut
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