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James Meyer

Discussion in 'Pricescope Testimonials' started by Upgradable, Apr 3, 2010.

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  1. Upgradable

    Aug 15, 2004
    by Upgradable » Apr 3, 2010
    I have now had James create two unique rings for me, and am coming here to share my perspective with anyone who may be considering commissioning him for a piece. The following is a reply to an email asking about my experiences:

    I really like working with Jim. I''ve found him very responsive regarding communication. I''ve contacted him via email, although with very specific requests. The first was requesting a quote on an existing three stone drawing he had done for another customer. He gave me the quote and the timeline, and I sent the stones in. He asked for no deposit, said the stones were deposit enough. I did not get CADs or drawings. It was strictly waiting for it to be done. I was quite happy with the result. I did have one question for him. Only the center bezel was milgrained, and I asked if he could milgrain the other two. He said he designed it that way to make the center pop, so he preferred not to change the ring. After having the ring about 1 month the center stone began to rattle in the mounting. I contacted him and he asked me to send the ring back to him immediately so he could tighten the bezel. The ring was back to me in less than a week along with a check to reimburse me for my shipping!! I thought that was thoughtful.

    He currently has my star for mounting. I was concerned about the depth of the stone and asked for some specific modifications on the design I had chosen. He said he did not think that would look good, and that I could/should trust him to produce a beautiful, well balanced ring. I told him I would.

    So, to make a short story long..... He is an amazing artisan as long as you trust him in the design and production of the piece. He doesn''t seem very open to collaboration on design modifications. Nor does he provide detailed pre-production design work for you to approve. You have to trust his artistic eye. I did, and have been quite happy with the result.

    I also want to emphasize that his work is much more delicate than it tends to look in pictures. Though the shank and details are fine, the piece is quite sturdy and made to wear well! There are no roughnesses or "janky looking" areas (my daughter''s expression). He has such an attention to detail. It is quite obvious it is a hand-hewn piece but there are NO imperfections there!

    As for cost and timeline, both are very reasonable, if not much less than you''d expect! My three stone in 18k white and pink, with three platinum bezels, was a total of around $1800 (with my stones). The setting for the star in 18k yellow with 22k bezel, and two small omcs (he is providing), is just under $1500. And timeframes have been 4-5 weeks from the green light to delivery.

    I hope this very lengthy story helps you decide if he is the man for your job. Feel free to ask any more questions. I know that I feel better getting all of my questions asked beforehand than finding out in the middle of a project that I''m not getting what I expected or hoped for. Good luck!!

    I have just received the star sapphire ring and I am beyond impressed with what he produced! I have a truly one of a kind masterpiece!! He was able to take a very large stone and create a balanced and feminine mounting to hold it. I wear it on the middle finger next to my diamond three stone. I could not imagine any more perfect or beautiful piece of jewelry. It is worthy of generations of adoration.

    I have had an ongoing email conversation with Jim regarding his artistry and his creations. He has given me permission to share these with the members of Pricescope, so take a look in the Who''s Who forum for a look inside the man who creates these beautiful pieces of art.
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