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May 27, 2003
I hardly know where to start. Without this forum this would have never come to pass. I’m so truly grateful to all of you that have helped me in this quest, and now that it’s drawn to a close, I can finally take some time and relax and wait in eager anticipation until this ring arrives in two weeks!

Mara, PQ, Homer... thank you for all your help and input. Leonid, you run a great service with this site and we’re all deeply in your gratitude. Everyone else who took the time to respond to any of my posts, thank you as well. You all equally contributed to making this the best experience I could have had with this process.

First off, to Felicia at Abazias, thank you as well. You took the time to respond to each of my e-mails and your professionalism and friendliness did not go unnoticed. I hold you and your company in the highest regard.

Jonathan, thank you so much for all your time! I’m sorry it didn’t work out between us in the end but please understand it was for no other reason than convenience of getting the setting and the diamonds from the same place. I will definitely look to you in the future if I’m ever in this business again and will give you the highest referral to anyone who ever asks. I’m in your debt.

Not very well known here I don’t think, but also I need to extend my thanks to Ophelia at for all her help in answering my questions. I didn’t’ get to guinea pig one of their settings, but Ophelia was very forthcoming in our conversations and I wouldn’t mind seeing someone giving them a try.

And finally, Denise and Brian at Whiteflash. Thank you for all your help and hard work. I know when this diamond arrives in two weeks it will be simply spectacular. I can’t wait to see it and will post a LOT of follow-up for everyone that’s been following my progress here on pricescope.

Yesterday I finally made the purchase of a 3 stone platinum truffle setting with a .813 H SI1 Center, .328 H VS2 & .325 H SI1 – A Cut Aboves from Whiteflash. Denise helped me find the rocks and the price I needed to go through with the deal. I went out to lunch with my mother yesterday who had a lot of reservations about me buying a diamond over the internet and it costing this much. She insisted I go with her to a jewelry store here in town and I obliged. I was worried that I might make a fool of myself with the store owner haggling me over his certain rings, but that wasn’t the case at all. He offered me some incredibly ridiculously overpriced rings, told me none of the stones he carried in his stores had papers and said that the type of ring I was seeking to purchase would run me in the range of $15,000! My mom was then very confident of my decision and it felt so good to show her I knew my stuff! I couldn’t have done it without you all. I’ll post pics and let you all know the scoop in two weeks.

Thanks again!



Oct 30, 2002
YAY CONGRATS Pedro and thanks for the kind words. Can't wait to see pictures!!


Feb 26, 2003
Thank for sharing the experience
You've done your research well
We all can learn a little bit
From what you've had to tell.

Congrats! Can't wait to see the eye-candy!


Jan 23, 2003
WOW! Congrats!! ACA's are simply gorgeous!!!!!!


Feb 22, 2003
Wooohoooo!! Congrats on getting the ring all together!!!

Best wishes to you when your make your presentation to your very special lady!!!

Glad I could help you!! So many folks here including Mara and Giangi helped me make a very intelligent buying decision. It's GREAT to be able to pass the legacy on! Thanks so much for your very kind words!!!


Nov 19, 2002

Congratulations Pedro!I am sure your girlfriend will love the three stone ring you worked so hard on putting together.I am delighted to be able to help in someway. You are a class act!

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