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is this setting ok?


Feb 11, 2016
Hi, Im hoping you can help me. Ive recently had a custom ring made using my own stones - blue topaz and diamonds. After 6 months the stones all became loose. The diamonds are slightly different sizes and when I look underneath the ring, some of the diamonds overhang in the round underneath setting - others seem to be within the round base. is this normal? I have tried to find a similar type of setting using what I think is minimum prongs (as there is only 1 prong shared between 2 diamonds on the outside of the ring) - and can't find any images anywhere. I'm wondering if I should ask jeweller to make the outside of the ring a bezel setting instead - or add another prong to aid in stability. When I run my fingers up from the bottom of the outside of the ring it is sharp where the diamonds overhang. I just wonder if the workmanship is a bit dodgy?? Any help greatly appreciated!! 2015-07-08_19.jpg 2015-06-17_09.jpg
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