Is this a good diamond/price?

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Feb 8, 2003
My fiancee and I are looking at rings and we thought we found a good diamond at a 'fair' but not great price. After doing some research online this evening, I am not so sure it's that great of a diamond. Can anyone advise? Here are the specs:

From the EGL Cert
Weight: .97cts
Shape and Cut: Square Emerald
Measurements: 6.18-5.71 x 3.29mm
Total Depth: 57.6%
Table Width: 71%
Crown Height: 12%
Pavilion Depth: 43%
Girdle Thickness: Medium, Polished

Polish: Very Good
Symmetry: Very Good
Culet: None
Clarity: SI1
Graining: Nil
Color Grade: D

The price is $5326. Is that too much? I have found about $1000 cheaper online, but the Polish and Symmetry has only been 'Good' and some have had very small culets. I am mostly concerned about the Total Depth - this seems a bit too small for an Emerald/Asscher cut. The diamond looked really good and the inclusions were very small, on the bottom of the diamond - nothing major.

Thanks a lot!!



Oct 30, 2002
I can't help too much about the Emerald cut stones (btw aren't Asscher cut and Emerald two separate (though similar) cuts?)

You may want to check out the AGA grading chart for Emerald cuts:

According to this chart it looks like the extra large table is pushing this stone into the 3A cut which is an 'average' cut. The scale goes from 1A to 4B.

If you really like the stone, then possibly try to negotiate the pricing down about $500 or so by using the online comparisons you found for pricing. I would also suggest having it taken and independently appraised after purchase, making sure first that the store you are purchasing it from has a good return policy. The independent appraiser should be able to run reports on the stone that corroborate what the certificate says and will also be able to realistically price the stone for you. If you feel the deal you got was fair, great..but if things do not check out, you will have the return policy to back you up.

One thing to note is that you did not mention which EGL lab graded the stone. Some EGL labs have been accused in the past of being a little lenient on their gradings, so if this is an overseas lab (e.g. Israel) I would *definitely* have it checked out after purchase. The reason I mention this is because this stone is an SI1. 'Step cut' stones are considered the more 'honest' stones, meaning that they show inclusions very honestly and don't hide things as well as stones with alot of facets and sparkle (e.g. round brilliants). You can see inclusions in the step cut stones much more easily. So if this is an SI1 on EGL paper, you will want to confirm that with the appraiser. If the EGL lab was a little lax on grading, it may be an SI2.

BUT before I scare you, if you have seen the stone in person, are comfortable with how it looks, and cannot see any inclusions, then you are probably fine.

BTW--a small culet will not have an effect on the stone, it is more along the lines of a medium to large culet where you may start to see it..though I am not positive if a step cut stone means different things for the culet requirements.

Anyone else want to weigh in on this stone's characteristics/proportions?

Good luck!
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