Is a Certification Necessary?

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Mar 22, 2007
Hello everybody, a question for the experts out there. We have recently been given an heirloom stone which is quite large. The stone did not come with any sort of certification, and we are not sure whether or not it is necessary. The stone was appraised, and we did take it in to a jeweler who pointed out some obvious flaws and markings which would identifiy the stone as ours. We are debating having it certified by GIA. This will take 4-6 weeks and my impatient self doesnt want to wait, but I also dont want to be kicking myself 5 years down the line if something should happen to the stone. My question is, do we need to get it certified, and what are the benefits of certification vs an uncertified stone?


Jan 29, 2004
If the jeweler has the proper credentials (at least a GG) and made an accurate plot of the stone it should not be nessary to get the stone certified. But there is no better proof for the identification of the stone than a GIA GTL diamond grading certificate. If you want to be on the safe side get it certified, then no body will have any questions about the identity of the stone.

Modified Brilliant

Mar 24, 2005
Hi curlygrlnyc,

I suppose a lab report by GIA or AGS wouldn''t be a bad idea considering the size of your diamond.
It might be nice to have a permanent laboratory document that will stay with your diamond for future reference.
It will have to be loose before sent to a lab (I believe yours is?).
This way you will know the exact weight, color, clarity and other specifics that you might not currently have.
If you plan on wearing it in a ring soon...please have it professionally appraised..then get it insured as soon as possible.
As an alternative you could have a local gemologist appraiser issue a diamond grading report that would also
give you an updated current document with a retail replacement value (if that is your desire). GIA and AGS will not value your stone.
Either way, it sounds like you have a wonderful heirloom to cherish forever.


Feb 17, 2007
A cert can be fantastic for insurance claims in case you ever need to claim one. Other than that and selling the diamond, you wouldn''t really need one.

Just get a good appraiser to give you a full appraisal instead and file it with the insurance company and you should be all set.


Jul 21, 2004

Date: 3/27/2007 7:11:19 PM
The stone was appraised

This is the key and it will depend on what you mean by that. The description in the appraisal will serve as the purchase order for the replacement by the insurance company in the case of a loss. Since this scenario is what your paying for when you buy insurance, it’s worth some effort to maximize how it will play out and it’s the real reason that people want pre-loss insurance type appraisals. The selling jeweler and the insurance company’s objectives are NOT the same as yours in this. Look at your appraisal and decide if it’s sufficient for this purpose. It should have all of the important dimensions, weight, gradings, condition, ploting diagram, photographs and other details that are sufficient to define exactly what you have. They can’t replace the sentimental value, but everything else can and should be included in the appraisal report. If this isn’t there, ring up your appraiser and ask for more details. If they can’t or won’t do it, hire a better appraiser. They should be able to advise you if a lab inspection would be helpful. It sounds like it''s not.

Neil Beaty
Professional Appraisals in Denver
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