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Intro... on waiting and coping!


Oct 22, 2011
My partner and I have been together for almost 7 years. We are both 25. We bought a house about three years ago, get along great with each others families and truely are best friends. We have talked about children and share similar views on the important issues. Last year he hinted that a proposal wasn't far off and earlier this year he said he would propose soon. I dont want to pressure him but we have had a few conversations about it this year but basically.... and I am still waiting.

Many of our friends are engaged and it's the wedding season- we have a number of weddings coming up over Christmas. I feel like we have been lapped by many couples who have been together much less than us and I worry that by the time it finally is our turn, people will just think "about time" and not be suprised or excited... I feel a bit ripped off.

My partner graduated from Uni almost three years ago and started his own business. I have a great job and am almost finished my degree... He is careful with money but spoils me on Christmas and Birthdays. I am not sure if he has saved up for the ring- we have mostly joint bank accounts.

He asked me a few weeks ago what my ring size is and what type of ring I would like- but made it pretty clear he would be choosing it so it was a surprise. I trust his tastes and he knows a little bit about diamonds/jewellery as his mum sells antique jewellery.

How long did you wait? How do you cope with the waiting and *slight* jealousy? Should I give an ultimatum? I feel that I have invested a lot in this relationship- but its driving me crazy waiting!

mary poppins

Apr 10, 2010
Sounds like you're on the right track since you share similar views on important issues, have discussed kids and he inquired about ring size and style. Waiting is hard and it's no fun being lapped by friends and family members. People will be very excited for you when you get engaged.

I wouldn't give an ultimatum. Have you discussed timing? If not, perhaps you would feel better if you raised the topic of timing in a conversation.
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