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Interview Series - DovEggs Moissanite


Nov 16, 2015
I am continuing my interview series on reddit and will post the relevant ones over here as well.

Interview& Education Series - DovEggs

Last week I had the pleasure of talking with Flora Wong from DovEggs to find out a little more about their company. Her email is [email protected] if you want to speak to her about a setting or place a custom order. Her office phone is (425) 207-7431.

1.) Was Doveggs created after the expiration of the Charles and Colvard patent in 2015?

Yes, it was.

2.) Tell us little more about DovEggs and where you are located? Where is your manufacturing being done?

DovEggs is a nationwide e-commerce jeweler based in Seattle. We specialize in moissanite and lab created genuine diamond rings, related jewelries, as well as customization.
We believe that moissanite and lab created diamonds are a sparkling and affordable choice for every woman, our core value is to provide superb quality and great service within an affordable budget.

DovEggs started in 2016 as a seller on Amazon and has continued to be the number one seller since 2017. Our official website is Every piece of fine jewelry from DovEggs includes a lifetime warranty and 12 years of free maintenance service. Certificate from the North American Gemological Lab (NAGL) will be provided upon request for each piece of jewelry purchased. (We also provide engraving and cleaning services with purchase)

3.) Are you a wholesale business too or do you just deal with the general public through Amazon and your website?

At this time, we only do online retail.

4.) We spoke briefly about your how you were also branded under Transgem. Why did you get rid of that company name?

We initially used “transgems” as we tried to register our brand as a trademark, but we were unable to use the name as a “R” (REGISTERED”) brand, which is why we changed to DovEggs.

5.) What made you decide to set up a distribution center in the US rather than selling directly from China?

For a long time, we sold our distinctly beautiful authentic moissanite jewelry solely on amazon and had tremendous success. We thought long and hard about continuing this business model because of its relatively low overhead and high profit margin. In the end the driving force to change the way we operate came from our founder Ni. For long-term success, it’s essential that a business can build trust with customers, and the easiest way to do that is to show who you are and what you care about. That’s what led ‘Ni’, founder of DovEggs, to set-up distribution in the US.

“In today’s hypercompetitive environment, building a brand that consumers can trust is more important than ever. Consumers value businesses with clear brand and values that they maintain consistently in both their actions and their messaging. Ni envisioned a different kind of jewelry business. He wanted to work both here in the US and in China to be able to make absolutely stunning, quality jewelry at a price point that would be affordable for people of all walks of life. It was also important that customers could go to the showroom and see the quality of the jewelry themselves, which is why we opened our Seattle show room.

6.) I don’t know if you attend a lot of trade shows but what makes your moissanite different then your competitor’s?

Yes, we Have attended many trade shows and learned quite a bit about the market. This knowledge is one of the things that has contributed to our success. There are several things that we feel differentiate about our products and company from our competitors and I will list them below:

a. Along with a lifetime warranty for manufacturing defects, we provide real practical services for our customers, 12 years of free maintenance that will cover discoloration, scratches in the metal, and even stones becoming loose or falling out due to normal wear and tear, we also of course offer free cleaning and inspections of your settings.
b. authenticity is guaranteed for all of our jewelry. Upon request we will send your jewelry to be certified by NAGL (NORTH AMERICAN GEM LAB), we will do this for as long as you own your jewelry.
c. We have a no hassle return policy, we maintain a distribution center here in the US allowing us to manage your shipping and/or returns.
d. We have a showroom and office in Seattle where customers can see our jewelry in person and or call with any questions or problems.
e. 24/7 l chat, available on our official website
f. And last but certainly not least, absolutely brilliant, authentic, high quality jewelry that is affordable to all women

7.) You are the first Chinese branded moissanite to offer repairs, maintenance and warranty services. What made you decide that this would be an important part of your customer service business model?

Doveggs has been building our business in the US. We’ve transferred our patent to our US entity DovEggs International Inc. We are proud to say that as of this year DovEggs is officially a US brand. We are so confident in the quality of our product and that we wanted to show the public that we truly stand behind what we sell, and we wanted them to know that they can keep coming back to us. We hope to build a relationship with our customers so that they’ll come back and buy from us again and again and send us their friends and family!

8.). I have looked around your website. You have a lot of the popular finished rings. Do you plan on adding more to your collections?

Absolutely! We have artisans working on new designs right now!

9.) Are customer’s able to order custom or is that not available currently?

Customization is one of the things we are most proud of. We will work with customers step by step to design a timeless, one of a kind, custom piece of jewelry they will love forever.

10.) Will you offer more settings in fine metals or is platinum plated silver used to keep the prices more affordable for your customer’s?

We are planning to offer other fine metals in order to appeal to customers at all price points

11.) Is your moissanite made with the newer 4h sic moissanite rough and not the older the 6h sic? Does your colorless look truly colorless?

Yes. all our moissanite is made with the newer 4h (sic) polytype and it can be graded using the diamond grading scale. Never before has this been possible with moissanite, as prior to the patent expiration 6H (Sic) poly-types like the Forever Classic and Forever Brilliant were saturated with green and yellow color hues. Our 4H Moissanite is truly colorless with DEF degree and near colorless with GHI degree.

12.) Do you offer moissanite varieties in all the cuts or have you mainly just focused on round cuts? Do you have colored moissanites?

We are proud to offer a variety of all cuts and yes, we offer gray, yellow and blue moissanite currently.

13.) Do your rounds come in brilliant cuts or brilliant H&A cuts?

We believe the cut is the most important part of creating beautiful brilliance and fire in our moissanite gemstones. We are constantly working on improving in this area and have developed our style of cut to be something we believe creates brilliance while at the same time resembles the look of well-cut diamond, it is very different from Charles& Colvard round brilliant cut, and most closely resembles the classic heart and arrows cut.

14.) What is the biggest trend you see in moissanites right now?

Moissanite is quickly becoming one of the most popular gemstones being used in quality jewelry, and there will be many other new great jewelry companies mainly using moissanite.

15.) What trend would you like to say goodbye to in 2019?

Prices that are so low they cannot sustain a jewelry market that creates a quality product.

16.) How thin are you willing to make a pave shank based on a customer request? Is there a width that you consider ‘unsafe’ for small moissanite pave?

Our bottom line is usually 1.5mm for width and 1.3mm for thickness, the melee is at least 1.3mm in diameter for pave. Most of our designs are around 2mm in width and 1.3-1.6mm in thickness, pave stones are usually at least 1.7mm.

17.) Has there been any issue with the smaller moissanite melee cracking? Will you have lab diamonds in the near future available for your settings or are you just focused on moissanites?

No, all our fine jewelry is made with very strict and rigid standards. With our 12-year maintenance policy and lifetime brilliance warranty if there is ever any slight discoloration, wear or abrasion of the precious metals, we’ll fix that. We will also maintain your settings to prevent you from losing your gemstones and fix and re-set stones that have come loose. Professional cleaning and professional inspection will also be included in the maintenance service for your fine jewelry.

Actually, right now we are working on bringing lab created diamond jewelry to our DovEggs customers and hope to have it ready soon

18.) If someone orders through Amazon, is there a problem with returning the ring if they decide they don’t like it? Is this not the case for custom orders?

a. DovEggs has a 30 days hassle free return policy and lifetime warranty for manufacturing defects. This policy applies to all DovEggs products.
b) Customization is one of our expertise. customization will take approximately 1-10 days, and shipping will take an additional 1-3 days. We work on your custom jewelry until you love it!

19.) What has surprised you the most about working with the Western market?

Not much has surprised us, we have been working with Amazon since 2016, we never did any marketing until 2019. We believed the quality of our product would speak for itself and it has

20.) Is there anything else you would like to tell us about DovEggs?

Doveggs fine jewelry is 100% authentic and customer satisfaction guaranteed. We ensure this through two means. The first is a certificate from NAGL (North American gem lab) upon request, (details available on our website).
The second is through customer services: 24/7 customer service on our official website, and a reply to questions through email guaranteed within two hours. A no hassle return & repair policy, free shipping in the US and 12 years of free maintenance.

To see more post in this interview and education series, please click on the link below:

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Nov 27, 2009
That was a really cool interview! I'm looking forward to seeing more of these. I'm interested to see how DovEggs does.
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