Insurance Appraisals

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Jun 4, 2003
Is there a difference between an Insurance Appraisal and and appraisal to see if your diamond is what the cert says it is? I just went to the place where I''m getting my setting made and they gave me an insurance appraisal for my diamond and didn''t even look at the diamond. They just looked at the AGS Cert. The woman didn''t even charge me for it. This is a reputable place, and I don''t think they are being shady. I just thought an appraisal meant that they actually inspect the diamond. Is there supposed to be a difference?


Mar 31, 2003
The difference you are talking about is a verification versus an appraisal for replacement purposes. Unless you asked for a verification most would just give you an insurance appraisal. When we throw around the the term "appraisal" on this forum it is usually referring to havving a diamond independently verified and assessed by an accredited appraiser, not the seller. If it didn't cost you anything to have the insurance appraisal that's good as long as they didn't over inflate the value. That would cause you to have a higher premium. Insurance companies will pretty much insure anything with little detail in the appraisal. In fact, less detail works out better for them when replacing your stone because they may not have to meet stricter standards for findng an equal diamond. If you want peace of mind, find an accredited independent appraisor in your area to verify the diamond is the one listed in the cert and to get a professional opinion.

Lots of threads here on appraisals, try running a search and you'll find dozens probably.


Sep 3, 2000
When someone has just purchased a diamond they really need a careful appraiser to examine the diamond, not just price out the existing cert. That may be okay for a stone you have owned for a couple years, but it is just sloppy work not to examine the diamond.

What if the diamond does not mnatch the document? What if the diamond has been damaged in some way since the document was made at AGS? This is why you pay an expert to do this sort of work. If the place you went is an AGS Member or a member of a respected appraisal organization, I'd be really surprised at the lack of care.

Anyone can do "appraising". Not necessarity do it well, but you may have just seen a good example of a job done for free and equally worthless, too.

Richard Sherwood

Sep 25, 2002
They probably meant well, but didn't really "appraise" the diamond. They just valued it based on the cert.

Without examining the diamond for independent verification of the cert, there's always several questions left up in the air, as Dave mentioned.
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