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Jun 13, 2003
I recently had my diamond reset in a custom designed platinum setting and matching wedding band. Of course, I had an independent appraisal done by a local jeweler with a GIA gemologist. She was very impressed with how clean my diamond was and asked if it was certified. I had my cert in the car and went to get it. When bringing it back she said that she still couldn''t believe that she could only find one minute spec under the scope and after looking at the EGL cert also couldn''t believe how tough their rating was.

Anyway I have two questions.

What does the appraisal price mean? Is this the actual value of the rings?

How do you feel about soldering rings together? My engagement ring is a wider band where each side reaches up to the diamond in a concave style and cups around the diamond. Very unique and great lines to it, almost sensual. Looked for over a year for a unique design that I could call my own. And the wedding band is thinner and designed to follow the same lines and curves in to kind of spoon with the engagement ring. In warmer weather the rings are tighter on my finger and tend to stay snuggled together. When they are looser they don''t neccessarily keep that spoon fit. The appraiser suggested to have them soldered. I''m not sure I''m crazy about that idea.

Thanks in advance.


Sep 3, 2000
The "appraisal price" is probably retail related for insurance replacement. It is very likely to be more, possibly much more, than a good shopper would be willing to pay. People love to have inflated prices as they believe what they have is therefore somehow more valuable. It is a mistaken belief but still a popular misconception.

The best measure of value is the price a good shopper has actually paid or one a competitive seller sets on merchandise. (These are both the same thing)

Soldering rings that you always will wear together has not real downside. They will not rub eachother and wear themselves out. They will both stay lined up nicely. They can be unsoldered later as you only need them tacked at the base anyway. If you want to undo the process it can be done, so don't fret.
Not open for further replies. Please create a new topic or request for this thread to be opened.
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