Indented Natural Diamond Advice and Setting reccomendation


Oct 26, 2015
I think I've decided on a stone. $12500

This 1.6C I VS1 from WF had a very good cut (although it just missed their ACA grade). Its super sparkly and I can barely make out any inclusions even with 20x loupe. However it has an indented natural that I took me about 5 min to find. People seem to suggest they aren't a big problem but I wanted to confirm before I pass the 30 day return window. Other than that is a lot more clear than a VVS1 stone I looked at.

The inclusion is in the 6pm position here, its almost impossible for me to take a pic of it on my iphone through the loupe..I suppose that means its fine?

Here the inclusion is at the 3pm position

Its a beautiful stone (on the right in this picture) The other one was another candidate I was considering. You can see its slighlty yellow although outside its impossible to tell

Its on the left in this pic

I now want a perfect setting. Ideally I want these options from Brilliant Earth (a San Francisco place). But they don't do settings only and I'm not sure their diamonds are the best deal
and their catalina

Whiteflash has a similar solitaire

But I feel thats about the only simple dainty looking solitaire I've seen from the major players BA/WF/JA etc. Any other good options?
Same with the halo, there seems to be many elaborate settings but I'm after something simple


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