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i'm back! :) help me choose a wedding band and other bling

Discussion in 'RockyTalky' started by marchesa6989, May 31, 2012.

  1. marchesa6989

    Oct 27, 2011
    by marchesa6989 » May 31, 2012
    hi PSers! :wavey: i've been on a and other such things got in the way but it feels good to be back and checking out the bling. *sparkle sparkle*

    anyway it's time for me to make some new purchases :naughty:
    first off we need to buy a wedding band soon and i'm tossing up between a few options. i'm planning on getting it from IDJ and at first i wanted to get a super blingy 5 stone ring so i could wear it as a standalone piece. my finger size is 3.75-4 so Luann recommended 25 pointers.

    BUT then i thought to myself i want flexibility to wear with my e-ring if i wanted. but then i'd have to go down in size of the diamonds as in true PS spirit that makes me sad :(( Luann then suggested a 7 stone ring with 15 pointers.

    my e-ring is 1.23 w/ 1-2pt melee in the halo for perspective

    what to do what to do? the 5 stone ring would definitely overpower it. but maybe i can wear my e-ring as a standalone piece and then switch with the 5 stone ring when i want, or wear it on my R hand if i wanna wear both? there isn't much price difference between the 5 or 7 stone ring. or perhaps someone has another idea i haven't already considered.

    ANDDDDD my next dilemma is earrings. i initially wanted the famous huggies/hoops and was tossing up between 1.5 or 2ctw. but then my mom wanted studs with earrings jackets ( and then i thought ooooo i like those too. tbh i don't have a great pair of diamond earrings of any kind as yet...only little pathetic ones from when i was a child and my parents thought my earlobes would get chopped off haha. so then perhaps getting studs with jackets is a better option as a first pair? but then what size of studs? I DON'T KNOW! 1ctw? 1.25ctw?

    i'm so confused. i need major PS help!

    TIA! ::)

  2. purplesilk

    Oct 8, 2010
    by purplesilk » May 31, 2012
    Re: i'm back! :) help me choose a wedding band and other bli

    I'd buy the 5 stone band and a narrow plain band.
    If it fits your budget, you could also get a diamond band with 2 pointers (to match your e-ring)...ok, this could be an anniversary need to buy all the three rings at the same time.
    Studs? 0.50 ct each would be a wonderful but wearable size IMHO.
  3. mrssalvo

    Jan 3, 2005
    by mrssalvo » May 31, 2012
    Re: i'm back! :) help me choose a wedding band and other bli

    I'd probably do a pave band to wear with your e-ring. Then do a 5 stone with the .25's to wear solo. I think either the 1 ctw or the 1.25ctw would be fine. .50 in each ear is plenty big IMO.
  4. ame

    Jul 7, 2004
    by ame » May 31, 2012
    Re: i'm back! :) help me choose a wedding band and other bli

    I am a "boring" matchy-matchy person so Id get a band that matches the shank on the ering for your actual wedding band as well as whatever you wanted 5-7 stone for when you don't wear your set/RHR.
  5. Enerchi

    Oct 4, 2011
    by Enerchi » May 31, 2012
    Re: i'm back! :) help me choose a wedding band and other bli

    I think the 7 stone in even .10's would work for your lovely slim finger! Good finger coverage, wouldn't overwhelm the ering, would look proportionate so you can wear them both together ... and then you get the big 5 stone sparkler as a RHR or a WB substitute when you don't wear the ering/wb set.

    I have a 8 stone x .12 point band I wear as my WB now (with my original YG wb as a spacer) and on the days when I just wear the 8 stone... I've got a TON of fire and sparkle happening and its quite sufficient.

    For earrings, I'd go the 1 ctw and add jackets if you find the studs aren't sufficient. Plenty of threads on the IDJ jackets to check out!!
  6. Christina...

    Mar 7, 2011
    by Christina... » May 31, 2012
    Re: i'm back! :) help me choose a wedding band and other bli

    I'd do either a pave band to match your ering too, or maybe a 1.5-2mm plain wg band. And then do the 5 or 7 stone as a stand alone ring for when you don't want to wear your ering. =)

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