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I want to get engaged. Help me choose an Asscher!

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a large farva

Oct 7, 2009
Hi y''all
New member to P/S. Been lurking for a while, wish I had found this site months ago, as many others have said. Stumbled here while researching e-rings, have learned an immense amount and become addicted at the same time.

The GF wants a big Asscher cut diamond. I have been doing my due diligence and spending my time in local B&M stores due to the convenience and location (downtown Philadelphia).

Let me just say this site is tremendous, if not for what I''ve learned on here, I''d probably already been taken by some jeweler just trying to make some dough.

I''m an engineer type, one who spends a lot of time looking under a microscope (metallurgist), so I feel I have a good eye to pick up on details others would not notice. That said let me explain what brought me here...

I have been in the market for a 2 carat Asscher, as beautiful as I could afford. Finally seeing a 2.00 compared to a 1.75 carat, I says to myself, heck, my GF wants 2.0 but she might never know if I went a bit smaller on the size and got some more sparkle. I''ve found myself liking some stones at the I color and found VS1 and VS2 stones which have satisfied my eye, this being after some jewelers brought in stones to meet my criteria. Most stones on hand previously either had a too yellow of a color or were slightly dirtier then I had hoped. (I may be overly neurotic due to my job)

Anyway, after we brought some in, I have found two stones I am really liking. Rock #1 is a 1.75 carat, H, VS2, med. flour, Ex pol, VG sym, table 63%, Depth 67%, l/w ratio 1.01%. Rock #2 is a 2.01 carat, I, VS1, no flour, VG Pol, VG sym, Table 63%, depth 68%, l/w ratio 1.06%.

Both stones are the same price. The 1.75 carat has wider, straighter windmills and beautiful sparkle, possible a result of the cut, ratio, and flourescence. It appears, visually, to have better cuts and P3 cuts (based on the P/S articles I''ve read). Straight on, it looks beautifully symmetric. The 2.01 is noticeably larger but slightly elongated (result of the 1.06 ratio). It doesn''t sparkle like the 1.75, but it is beautiful in it''s own right with a real nice clarity and clear spacing between steps.

Unfortunately I don''t have ASET or IS data on either. Or any photographs.
I know everyone likes the ASET and IS images and pictures, too, but...

My question is, without seeing it, - while the 2.01 is slightly elongated, while un-mounted, can anyone comment on how the stone may appear once set? Can that help reduce the (maybe) obvious elongation (and appear more square)??

I am leaning towards the 1.75 due to the nice proportions, color, etc. I feel like once it''s set she won''t notice the difference in size. But being the same price, could I get more for my money with the 2.00 carat once it''s set?

I''m planning to set it in a 1920 Cartier-style setting, pave setting with the double-prongs.

Advice, recommendations, opinions? Any input is welcome. My GF is flashy but would appreciate a quality diamond over just size, too. She wants a 2.00 carat to match her friends, but they all have RBs so it wouldn''t be apples to apples anyway! Thanks in advance to all!

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Nov 1, 2003
go with the one that makes your heart sing


Jul 28, 2007
first of all what is a farva?

second-you simply dont have enough info for us or you to make an informed decision. it sounds a bit like you are settling and arent in love with either. true asschers as you know have higher crowns, often heavily clipped corners and lots and lots of steps..........we cant see your stones so we cant know those important elements


Apr 30, 2005
If she wants the same "size" as her friends be careful.
When seen from the top a 2 carat asscher looks about the size of a 1.5 carat round - plus or minus a bit.

When you compare their side views you will see why.
The asscher is deeper and bulges out between the girdle and the ends.
It also has a thick girdle which adds weight while adding nothing to size of the face up appearance.

When she shows her 2 ct to her friends with 2 ct rounds hers will appear smaller.


Apr 30, 2005
Date: 10/7/2009 11:02:24 PM
Author: strmrdr
go with the one that makes your heart sing
Ditto, both sound good on paper but without images we can''t judge the patterning and other aspects unfortunately.
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